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  1. Lee, Mark wrote that he mixed the Brazilian ore with the best rocks of his easy ore for that smelt. In my view this all point to copper in some of those NC rocks. It would nice to be able to tell them apart before hand but this is what happens when we use rocks or dirt from the ground instead of clean and purified sources of iron oxide. Each ore source is going to have its own problems. Always costly time-wise as well as use of resources in an already expensive process.
  2. Given the number of times we have run into this issue with bars from different smelts but which may have in common the NC ores (despite some poor record keeping which has led to some confusions), we have to consider that there is Cu in some of the rocks.
  3. I like Niko's idea to turn it into tsuba blanks. I don't think you will be able to fix it for blade steel.
  4. Thanks for the pictures, Justin. It was a great weekend! Great to see you again Mat and also to Peter, Jamie and Michael for putting together a great event. I am back home now after 9 hours at the wheel. I think I will be heading for bed soon.
  5. Remind me to get more tickets for the iron in the hat next year if Chris is around. It was a slightly damp good time. Great to see everyone there. These are a couple pics from Alan's spiked axe demo. Alan talking with Wayne. Wayne's forge using a ribbon burner performed beautifully through the weekend. Alan pensively contemplating the progress forging on his axe while Chris and George watch carefully. Torrential downpour.
  6. I have never, ever been able to get a tight fit of the rubber mask around my nose/cheeks using that kind of respirator. There is always some air blowing off right under my eyes which ends up fogging the visor. I followed Owen's advice and luck out on one of the 3M respirators at a discounted price off EBay. I can't wait to try it out and put the old one to rest. It served its purpose for many years. Thank you all for your comments and I hope that those out there grinding without appropriate protection will look seriously into this matter. After all, you only have one set of lungs and this typ
  7. Outstanding, Niko. You are gathering a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Make sure you keep notes for future generations.
  8. Is your platen flat and the belt tensioned so that it sits flat on it? Do you notice that the hardest surface to get to is in the center of the blade and that this problems happens with the thinner or more flexible belts?
  9. Jerrod, those don't work for me. I constantly run into the foggy visor problems within seconds when I use that kind. I guess my breath runs at a bit higher temp and higher water content than most. I could take the battery pack to a store and see what they say. The unit was manufactured in Australia using NiCd batteries but the company has gone under and HE filters and pre-filters are also in very short supply. In the long or even short run looks like I need to look for a new unit.
  10. I don't know much about battery rebuilts. Thanks, Owen. I need to look at Ebay. It's been a while since I consider them a good source of equipment.
  11. I have been using a Triton respirator which looks like this. I am very fond of this design because it encloses my whole head, it includes the hearing protection and has a dual filter system (pre-filter and fine particulate filters) that attaches to a belt with the battery pack so that the head gear is not too heavy to wear for hours. More importantly, I have a huge issue with the face shield fogging which does not occur with these type of respirator as it blows a current of air right on the face shield. I believe the proper name for these respirators is Powered Air Purifying Respirato
  12. Alan and Dave, thanks for the info. I think it will be more appropriate that I start a new thread with this topic.
  13. If the blade from my demo survives the quench is going in too.
  14. Nice bunch. Are you still using an air powered respirator when you grind? Was it a Trend? Mine is dying and I need to get a new one.
  15. Looking forward to seeing this. How about a Yamato ken for the tanto. And a shobu katana like this one minus the horimono or the hi. Both images were taken from aoi.
  16. Those are really difficult to forge ans shape. Great job.
  17. Alright. Alright. One more and last. Do you want to use SEA 海 or OCEAN 海原? In modern Japanese the particle に would be used to indicate "AT A PLACE." The thing is that I have never seen that particle used in a sword inscription. Typically the location of where the smith did the work is written first before anything else sometimes followed by a character to describe the location as a city or county or whatever. The most common of those location kanji is 住 which can be read as "LIVING AT" and is probable what you are after. So you could write: 海住クリス作 and is transcribes as UMI JUU KURI
  18. The ore is roasted and will be crushed in the next few days. Funny thing, I think the roasting temp was a little too high and the rock ore is producing a slag with a very low melting point resulting in the melting of the rocks and some consolidation. I think is fair to call it "premature blooming."
  19. Not smarter than you, Zeb. I have just read a bit more but given where you are at now at your age I am pretty sure you would have read more than I by the time you get to be as old as I am.
  20. For what is worth, there is a change in the spatial orientation of the Fe atoms ehen going from hematite to magnetite. Take that back, I should say ions instead of atoms since there is a need for an unbalanced number of protons and electrons in order for the Fe to have a charge. Either Fe++ or Fe+++. Going back to the explanation, there is a change in the spatial orientation of the Fe ions when going from Fe2O3 (hematite) to Fe3O4 (magnetite). Interestingly this spatial orientation of a Fe++ and a Fe+++ falls into a path that allows for transfer of electrons between the two. This electric path
  21. CHRIS = クリス PRICE = プライス 作 = SAKU = Made by クリス作 = Made by Chris プライス作 = Made by Price Any of those katakana-kanji combinations would be readily interpreted by a Japanese speaker/reader without much of an explanation.
  22. The problem with katakana is that most likely you will not find the direct recognition by the Japanese speaker. Katakana is an interpretation of a foreign sound and if the speaker does not know the foreign language they will not recognize the sound except for those katakana that are common place and in daily use in Japan. That is just the way it goes and you will need to do a little explanation when you present the blade to a Japanese which is not unusual. I personally would like to see something shorter. Too many katakana and it is not as appealing to me. Keep the TAIDO and find a one single
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