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  1. <br />after posting this-i went to log off and it is not logging me off ??????????
  2. <br />as i'm not a well read poster--see my post "troubles with switch over"--i got a virus somehow and i hope it didn't come from this.........Mike
  3. I don't know if its related at all or not---but i did get the E-mail about the new web site or switching over on saturday morning (i had noted site was down friday)----well i opened the site thru the link--and then went to put it in my favorites----and from that point on i was infected with the "access zero" trojan---could not get rid of it and i has esentially crashed my computer (I have McAfee and it got by--kept telling me it was there but couldn't kill it).........I'm hoping it was just me and that it doesn't do that to anyone else--------spent 3hours with tech support and could not get it gone---it also wiped out any restore points---so i won't be able to read any possible replys to this as i had to come to work to get access for some other things besides this. getting the hard drive either wiped out thru our it--or replacing it--------- best of luck to all--Mike
  4. Stuart--you did a fine job with this one-----i really like it----mike
  5. Just yesterday i noticed the same thing was happening to me on the IFI forum----and only on my computer at work (which is WAY more secure), not at home. I don't have any resolution or insite to the whys/whatfors on this--i'm just sayin-------- mike
  6. Sam, when i was a kid (late 50's), my dad was a photographer (worked the country clubs around detroit). he did some insurance photos of a collection-mostly all colt revolvers--all original. this person at the time had the largest priveyly owned collection of colts. was way cool for me at the time--now it would be over the top.
  7. Please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many---mike
  8. Charles--i'm not really sure why, but i can't see the pic's--just a little box with a red x---most likely our security. glad to "almost" see that your still at it and look forward to really seeing you again here one of thes days---mike
  9. I checked and found it will replay (at least here in Tucson) sunday evening at 6pm.
  10. not sure why--but i like it...............mike
  11. Sam--glad to see your smart enough to wear your forging shoes while riding.................mike
  12. azm1ke

    Here I go!

    Charles--congrats on the retirement and moving forward with your forge---so-are ya gonna plan a full moon meet to really get it going???? take care and hopefully we will meet again sometime soon---mike
  13. Sam, looks like a good travel anvil/swedge block--let us know how it works out. now lets get to the picture---dude its almost too much-i don't know which one is the better of the 2 (the other being the "fez' pic). just funnin ya----well maybe not................did i tell ya i got a hammer--25# L.G. now its just learning to use it... take care my friend and see ya later. mike
  14. I use expanded metal as a "floor" or shelf in mine. I also have shelfs welded to either side at the openings--and use a fire brick to block the rear opening when doing short work. its not the greatest and i do on occasion drop stuff in the forge---but it works for me.
  15. I've seen those hands before----very good job on both your parts............
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