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  1. About five or six years ago I was commissioned to make a katana with an image of Mount Fuji in the hamon. Recently I had a request to do it again. This was the result. Just to make it a little different, I did the mountain on both sides of the blade, whereas on the first one it was just on one side of the blade. Probably the last time I'll do a Mount Fuji blade.
  2. Very elegant blades. Nice work!
  3. Wow, that's funny! That blade goes back quite a few years. That scabbard came from the same stump as this one.
  4. This is a tanto I forged recently, along with a scabbard/nandle of California buck-eye burl. I bought this buck-eye stump about eight years ago and made a scabbard for a katana...then the rest of the stump sat around waiting for another project to call to me. I've gone through a stretch of several years where I've been mounting very few of my blades, but I've decided that I'm going to get back into making an occasional mount again. So this was part of easing myself back into that kind of work again. For those of you who haven't worked with buck-eye burl, it's a giant pain in the nec
  5. That's a really cool blade. Great twist on a familiar theme.
  6. Fantastic. Always great to see tool-making on this forum. All the details are wonderful.
  7. Nice holster. I just wish you could have put a little more effort into the decoration. Seems a little plain to my eye. Seriously, though, great work.
  8. Here's the exciting news. I actually mounted a blade for the first time in ages. The bad news? Well, uh...it's not this one. So, once again, here's another bunch of shots of an unmounted blade. Sorry guys. But I promise you I'll show the mounted blade as soon as the lacquer dries and I can get it buffed out. Anyhoo, that said, I really liked how the blade shape worked out on this one. The difference between a mediocre blade shape and decent one is often really, really subtle and it's always frustrating as hell to get to the end of a project, look at the final product and go: "Huh.
  9. Nice work. I've seen a lot of similar knives that look sort of crude and don't flow very well, but this one just totally works. Great flow between the organic and inorganic materials.
  10. Just joining the chorus to say what a great piece of work this is...
  11. Hey Matt, Yeah, I'm close to getting out from under my backlog. Two more blades. I agreed to do an extremely huge katana (36 inch blade length) an embarrassingly long time ago and have been procrastinating about finishing it. It's got a companion piece that's almost regular katana size that I still have to do, too. After that...FREEDOM! Walter
  12. Very nice. I like the sugata of the blade. Looks like it'll make a great cutter. Nice hamon, too. The brushwork on the saya is terrific, too.
  13. Boy, I really wouldn't know exactly how long it takes. They usually get done over the course of a couple of weeks. The first stage is forge-welding and folding the steel. That usually takes a couple of days of elapsed time...but usually I do a couple of billets at once, and each billet produces enough for several blades, so it's a little hard to compute the time per blade. I've gone to a process that involves forge-welding the billet, cleaning it, cutting it up, restacking, rewellding and repeating, which is way more time consuming than just folding the steel hot. But it ends up with clea
  14. Really nice work. The hamon looks great. I especially like the saya. Very elegant and clean. I like the fuchi/kashira set, too.
  15. I love the color. I'm used to those shibuichi patinas that come out of the foresty end of the pallete, but this is something really different. Love it.
  16. Just finished this tanto. Roughly a thousand layers of 1050/1095.
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