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  1. A year and a half later, and I'm still sick. Since the last post, I've had 2 heart attacks, all kinds of minor medical problems, and due, at least partly, to ill health, I'm now Divorced. Heavy metal poisoning sucks, wear your respirators, and buy medical insurance!
  2. Man, how did you fit the girl on your desktop in there?
  3. Here's a couple of mug-shots of my getting back into the shop, I'm trying to get content to rebuild my website after the crash.
  4. I'm not particularly fond of the nesmuk style knives, but this one looks pretty good to me!
  5. Here's a shot of Gavin taking a lick on a bar of wrought iron.
  6. The camera didn't focus on the blade, it's focused on the cloth the blade is sitting on. Check your menu, there may be a feature called "close object priority" make sure it's turned off.
  7. Guys, I went to the hammer in here for a few hours this morning, I couldn't stay, but here are a few pictures from the event. Don Fogg explaining and demonstrating grain growth, then demonstrating forging a small integral
  8. looks pretty slick, how'd that old spike harden up?
  9. Cool Bob, I thought it might be One of these days I'll arrange to get that anvil shipped had a series of small dissasters here over the last year or so Thanks, Tony
  10. I use no flux when welding wrought iron, most of the time none for mild steel, but it depends on how the fire's doing that day, and what fuel I'm using, and I always use flux for higher carbon steels. flux, even borax (especially borax) can create monstrous clinkers in a coal fire, and render it useless for the rest of the day if much welding is done early on, so I'll make all my welds at the end of the day if I can help it. I don't know that the borax makes for more clinker in a given coal, but it does make it more difficult to break up and tend the fire properly. propane is different
  11. Mike, I actually just started back to making blades last year after several years without doing it, and essentially doubled my client base overnight! I have found that after someone has bought a knife from me, they want other stuff as well.
  12. Some of the old trade knives where case hardened, and it was part or most of the reason a lot of tribes of native americans would only sharpen knives on one bevel
  13. I do a little of everything, I started out, like most guys, wanting to make knives, but the guy who got me started didn't make any at all, and so I learned iron work, and fell in love with it, it was about a year later that I made my first knife, and about a year after that that I made the second. I make some knives, but make a lot of ironwork as well, and seem to sell about equal amounts of both. I've also been here local for 10 years selling iron though, so I've developed a market. Tony
  14. Mac, I'll be the first to chime in and say, you need to post a better photo, but the blade shape is really pleasant
  15. I don't see no sidewhow..... I suppose the rest is debateable
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