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  1. Gorgeous sword work! Thanks for posting. Todd
  2. Another inspiring piece, Tom! Been awhile. Hopefully more to come soon. Todd
  3. Thanks, Tom. I just took a look at your site. How did I miss it? Awesome work. I love those pendants. If you don't mind, I'm going to post a link to it at another forum that I frequent. I think the guys there would be really inspired by what you do. What a phenomenal craftsman. Todd
  4. Love them both, Tom! They're my style. Nice sheath and dangly. Always enjoy seeing your work. Todd
  5. Good to see you back at it, Charlie. And in style. Sweet looking knife and sheath. Todd
  6. Fine work, Jason! Nice attention to detail. Forge on! Todd
  7. Bob, I have had hamon show up very well with L-6. Go for it.
  8. Another masterpiece, which is exactly what I expect coming from you. Todd
  9. Congrats, Karl! What an example of the open-minded bladesmith! I admire you for the journey you have taken. Todd
  10. Very cool! The whole package looks great. Awesome work. As with everything you do. Todd
  11. Very cool! I like what you did with the handle. Todd
  12. toddhill


    You might try over at some of the primitive skills forums. http://p081.ezboard.com/bpaleoplanet69529 Todd
  13. Lovely knife, once again, Mat. Your damascus is striking. Just the random style I like most. I like the dimpled bolster too. Everything works really well together on that one. I enjoyed your website too. Todd
  14. Those really take the prize in my book! Wow. I love the damascus, the handle wood, the overall knife shape, the sheath work. Top notch work. Todd
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