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  1. Scratch that. All my pics. Sorry for using up your electrons.
  2. I just deleted almost all my pics. I don't post many anymore, and they were old threads. Probably the only ones that look at them are the bots.
  3. DAMN!! This what I call mojo. You are about to steal fire from the gods, Brent.
  4. Oh yeah. There is a fair amount of electrical engineering involved, but I've seen some unbelievable things done with these when dialed in. Especially when you want a mixed structure in the same component. Brent, If you remember Lee Cordachorea and Jim Frank, they both have experience with induction and are bladesmiths. I would contact them, if you can.
  5. You know, induction is real fine for forging of all sorts, but the real beauty is in heat treating. MUCH more nimble, accurate and versatile than salt pots, torches, quench tanks and such. You need a little engineering and imagination, but I have faith in Brent. You can make rare and wonderful structures in steel with that.
  6. That's very cool Brent. I was working on a differential heat treat for swords, a few years back, using coils. Tempered martensite, with an untempered martensitic edge. That's what we do with gears at work. I spent a fair amount of time on it, but never tried it. I'm an electrical retard, so I had to ask lots of questions. Give me a call, and I'll share what I know. In the meantime, Have fun with it, as I know you will. I'm jealous.
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