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  1. athanor


    Hello Daniel, the edge on the back is sharp, thank jou for looking Dirk
  2. athanor


    Hallo everybody, this is my 2 atempt to make a Bowy knife, but maybe it is more a fichter. the steel is O1 and 15N20, it is buld of 9 parts of twisted WWW, it is 41cm long it cuts for 26 cm the gard is 314 stainless and a bit of layer damascus, the wood is ebbony and the handel was Cut by my freand Samuel Lurcqain a verry talented Belgian knifmaker and the handel is verry verry good I hope you wil enjoy looking , an I am sorry for my poor english I hope you will understand Dirk Bourguignon Belgium
  3. Helo how are jou ? hope jou sell as musch of jour butifull bowies as thare are stars in the sky and Claude did survive the attack of the Wookie see you soon Dirk
  4. Hello Travis Thanks for posting this pictures of my hammer-in, I agree that it was funn maybe we will have some knifmakers from the USA next jear , I am talking about that whith the American friends so we will have more nationalety"s , for those who are interested it is not a show for selling knives like Gembloux but it is a masterklass for beginners and those who think thy are not beginners any more ....averybody shows and tells his techniques just to make the pofession go better see you next jear Dirk Bourguignon PS Why did jou not come Jaques ? Belgium is not so big I am shure you have a good reazon
  5. Verry verry butiful Dirk Bourguignon
  6. Wow I love this knife butiful D gard ! Dirk Bourguignon Belgium
  7. I love it Dirk Bourguignon Belgium
  8. Hello this is not my first knife but my first Bowie knife , I did hasitate a long time befor doing an typycal American knife you all do them so well! it is part of your culture! it is your roots like the Japanese knifes and swords are ther culture , for me it is the same difficulty one needs to study a lot beafor biginning, I would like to make the real stuff and not a look a like, so about the feed back I get from you all I hope to make next one better , the handel on this knife is a free interpretation of myself , next I hope to bea abel to do a frame handel, will be the first one to , we do not have a lot of them in Europ so this wil be hard to do , as nobody dous it I have no exempel.... Hope you are abel to understand my poor Englisch Dirk Bourguignon Belgium
  9. Thank you all for your ecouraging words I am goin to make an outher one Dirk Bourguignon
  10. 400 mm long knife made of 8 bar twisted mosaik bars gard is iron blued handel matirial is desert ironwood would bi nice to get comments Dirk Bourguignon Belgium
  11. love your knives verry butiful damascus Dirk Bourguignon Belgium
  12. Dave, Verry nice elfic knife looks like it comes fron the lord of the ring movies Dirk Bourguignon
  13. I loue it verry kleen butiful lines Dirk Bourguignon Belgium
  14. Butifull as always Dirk Bourguignon Belgium
  15. Like them verry much, it was nice to see you in Gembloux thankx for the eplainin on the bowie knifes you did for me see you soon Dirk Bourguignon Belgium
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