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  1. hmmm, I've been wondering this also. Seems like it would be a better choice than 5160.
  2. Wow, that is very nice. Very beefy.
  3. A hobby does not control your life. Inanimate objects do not control your life. History does not control your life. Other peoples opinions of what you make do not control your life. YOU control your life. If you don't like it you can change it.
  4. Amazing and Inspirational. Can't wait to see more. Thank you for sharing Ric.
  5. Good lookin blade Nick, looks like you got your workout for the day! Out of curiosity which model anvil is that? I've always wanted some size reference for their anvils.
  6. Very exciting. I love this style and your conceptual drawing looks amazing.
  7. Jake you are a continuing inspiration. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Wow thanks a lot guys. I was planning this and then suddenly couldn't find the file. It looks like a pretty good set-up to me and when you compare the price to an evenheat or other store bought oven it looks REALLY good!
  9. Sometime ago I came across a very nice tutorial on how to construct your own heat treatment oven but I guess I didn't save the link. I think it was in .pdf format and the guy gave a website where you could buy the elements and controller. He had constructed an aluminum box and lined it with some of the soft bricks into which he recessed the elements. I think it would reached temps above 1500F. Did anybody else see this? Heck I may have found it on this forum What do you guys think, does it sound like it would work?
  10. Excellent thread :ylsuper: A few of my favorites: -Coheed and Cambria (lyrics tell a Sci-Fi story with comic books to go along) -Rage Against the Machine -Bob Dylan -Grateful Dead -NPR public radio (never hurts to learn something) -Fat Freddy's Drop (awesome reggae from New Zealand)
  11. I know what you mean. I just did the heat treat on my first quality knife and it feels great. Can't wait to get it done and start the next one
  12. That is amazing. Thanks for sharing and giving me something to aspire to :notworthy:
  13. That is VERY nice Rik. I've always wondered how one gets that sculpted look in damascus. Did you forge in all the curves or cut and sand it out after forging was done? Very elegant and looks like it would be nice to hold :notworthy:
  14. Thanks guys, for some reason I didnt even think of welding supply stores I have 4 in my area so I'm sure I'll find something. Thanks a lot for answering my questions.
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