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    Frontier style knives (making them the old fashioned way); also starting to get into blacksmithing and making other tools.
  1. Any idea if an old set of hedge clippers would make a good knife blade? Thanks. Matt
  2. I must apologize; the first time I tried posting this, I didn't realize that the picture was too big. Lawnmower blade with whitetail deer antler. Thanks for looking. Matt
  3. Here is a simple frontier style camp knife of 1084 and whitetail antler. Display stand is also whitetail antler. Thanks, Matt
  4. I finally had to take a picture with my cell phone and e-mail it to myself. Here is the forge. I used 50 lbs of basic clay kittie litter and two small bags of vermiculite, mixed it up and slowly soaked it down using a watering can. As the ash continues to build up I add that to the sides just by wetting it a little. Thanks for looking. Matt
  5. Well Gents, I have had this old Buffalo Forge Blower for years and I finally got it working. Went to the plumbing supply and the farm supply establishments and spent a few dollars and a few hours putting together a, now, great working forge. And as soon as I can locate my USB cable for my camera, I will post the pictures. I have a great recipe for the adobe filler for the wash tub: basic, clay kittie litter mixed with vermiculite. Works perfect! Cheers, Matt "NT Howl'n Gecko" Bray
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  7. Absolutely wicked looking blade. Please post the complete project. Howln' Gecko
  8. Gents, I made the Hunter from a lawn mower blade (1084'ish based on the heat treat results) The handle is Birdseye Maple w/ cocobolo spacers The Ulu is from the same blade. Still working with the handle. Thanks for looking.
  9. Beautiful Knife! Very unique; I like the socket idead.
  10. This page right here doesn't specify blades. And people have posted other works of art in other mediums. I believe you are in the right place.
  11. That is absolutely beautiful! Very elegant. Thank you for sharing. Matt
  12. I appreciate the advice. I will definitely stick with "status quo." Thanks, Gents. Matt
  13. I have noticed that when I am working with O1, thin sections will air harden. Has anyone else had this happen with O1 - or any other steel for that matter, and any idea if tempering would be required for it? Thanks. Matt
  14. I started using a 1 Gal. water to 1 cup salt ratio (I use feed salt from the farmers' supply place here) to make a brine and I heat it to about 140 degrees. I normalize religiously and always use a clay coat. I have been using 5160, 1095 and O1 and have had about the same hardening results. The tempering cycle is quite different though. I haven't had too many problems with that.
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