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  1. awesome do you miss APG?
  2. Nice blade battlebuddy. how does it feel to be back home?
  3. I think its an old toilet
  4. Jesus, the cable you used looked some what rusted how did you clean it?
  5. before unless you want orange ivory
  6. Tai, if you need some files I have a ton of good old files. they are in great condition and can cut anything.
  7. makes me wish i didn't live in new england
  8. my first charcoal forge didn't cost me anything because I made it out of bricks and used a hair drier for air.If you are just starting out don't spend all your money on exprnsive tools a file can work just as well as a grinder if you don't mind spending some time on it.For steel I suggest finding a leaf spring or coil spring because they are almost fool proof steel and are easy to find.
  9. :ylsuper: cool,I have an ammo can and this seems like a good use for it. How loud does it run?
  10. wow,it brings tears to my eyes.
  11. wow!! thats awesome. Raymond, I have been to your website before and I love your work.your damask is some of the best I have ever seen.welcome to the forum.
  12. there is no absolute hot.absolute zero is when all atomic reactions stop.the hotter you get something the faster the atoms move which means there is no upper tempature that will stop atomic reactions. -Fred
  13. flage


    :ylsuper: :notworthy: :ylsuper:
  14. if you are intrested in making a katana you should buy the Wally Hayes katana videos.
  15. Beautiful as always Tai
  16. I'm going to make a katana and I will post pics when I am done.
  17. the steel is 5160 or 1080 and you don't have to anything to it before forging.
  18. I have never worked with W1 before is it easy to work with?
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