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  1. I stand by my choice of words. I love Canada, but man, New Zealand looks gorgeous, bordering on surreal.
  2. Well, that's ludicrous. Thanks for the slideshow, Garry.
  3. I have to concede, picking through that post was an interesting trip down memory lane. So, uh, thanks, deleted spammer? Not the outcome you intended, but I... appreciate it?
  4. Thanks, Lorne, much appreciated! (Not a bladesmith, but a professional metalworker, so plenty of overlap. ) This might seem like a small thing to our friends to the south but Canada is a) Uh... pretty big, even with most of us crowded down near the border, and b) Not... always the most popular shipping destination from the US. Being able to order something that's already in the country saves the headache of tariffs, and watching the cost of an item double when shipping is added.
  5. More like scraping? Something like 90 degrees to the material being cut. I do a lot of work with brass, and usually grind a small facet on the drill lip pretty much in line with the length of the bit. For the billet the drill broke off in, if the bit's still stuck in there, and you want it out, putting it in a heated solution of alum and water will rust the broken off bit to dust. Old watch-maker's trick. I've... certainly never used it on, say, broken 2-56 taps. (A lot of grocery stores will have alum in the spice section)
  6. Thanks Doug! Saw this on his Instagram this morning, and thought 'I'll remember to look at that later...' Now I'm twice as likely to remember! Plus, I was just looking at some old (Someone wrote a job name, plus '1992' on it) 1/8" copper sheet.
  7. Arrived today! Might be a bit faster domestically, not sure. Really great photos of the work, and excellent detail of the dimensions (Length, blade length, blade width, weight, point of balance) and materials used (down to which steel alloys), and some of the techniques (not tutorials, but, for example, "The grip is covered in ray skin with cast sterling silver ferrules that are carved and highlighted with gold overlay").
  8. Yep, took a few days to hear back, and a few more to get the Paypal invoice. I am checking my mailbox with... poorly concealed excitement.
  9. Where was that 14" Simonds made, Alex? I've been mostly ordering their files at work, the last seven years, but I've had really varied results depending on country (well, factory) of origin. The smaller (say, 6") files I get are marked Honduras, and seem pretty decent, if not phenomenal. Some of the other stuff... :/
  10. I think 'Phwoar!' about covers it.
  11. I was expecting the birds to be barn pigeons, rather more colourful than that.
  12. Thanks Charles! (I tried the @, but it didn't seem to behave like a link, so I figured...?)
  13. Giovanni Sartori? Can't seem to find a way to tag a member so they get a notification.
  14. Holy smokes, Jake. I think that may be my favourite, so far. The whole piece just feels really... balanced? The transition from the habaki to the bolster is really excellent, as is the bolster to the handle, and on and on. Thanks, this was a nice way to end a day.
  15. I finally figured out where I'd tucked this, after seeing the topic when it originally started. This is a knife that my Grandfather allegedly made during WWII. I have it second had, from my Father, that it was made for clandestine raids, but frankly, I think it's unlikely. My understanding is he served in the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, I think in some way affiliated with armour (Canadian Armoured Brigade Signals?) in North Africa and Italy. While he continued his involvement with electronics after the war, selling security systems, I haven't seen anything else made by him that's remot
  16. Huh. I remember using it as a silver solder masking agent, while training as a goldsmith, but anti-scale is a new one on me. I remember there being a bit of concern about fumes from it (nothing really specific), but I suspect I would have had my head rather closer to it, using a little propane torch, than you would with a forge.
  17. It sounds like you're being pretty cautious about the stones, which I'm glad to hear. I can't find the version posted on this forum at the time, but Sam Salvati's experience with stones like that has always stuck in my head, and I've used it as a cautionary tale a few times: https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/i-almost-died-today-safety-with-old-wheel-grinders.682698/
  18. I've mostly been using Simonds, through my work, but I've been really unhappy with the variation in quality, depending on the origin. (I might be more tolerant of it if I was the one placing the order, and could ask about country of origin) So far: Mexican stuff? Decent, but not phenomenal. Honduran? Pretty good, actually. Chinese? Paperweights, at best. (I think Alan joked, a little while ago, about filing the teeth off a bad file with a good one, and the difference between the Honduran and the Chinese ones left me tempted to try it)
  19. Looks great, Ruggero and Raphael! I really like the 'erosion' texture you managed in the foam, with layers of harder and softer rock wearing away.
  20. That's about what I pictured, as far as that central ridge. That edge sounds wicked thin, though.
  21. How think is Cloud Cutter, Alan? (If you recall)
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