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  1. Just finished this one up and sent it off to Australia. 1095 with hamon, dragon scale pattern etched into the flats and masure birch burl handles. Definitely one of the crazier designs I've had to grind and heat treat.
  2. Hey guys. I've got a little one just finished up. It's a kiridashi with a croc skin texture. Comes with a purple lanyard and black kydex sheath to make it easier to carry around. I'm asking $50 for it. PM me or email me at knifemakerzeeb@yahoo.com. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hey guys. I just finished up the sheath on this one and got the pics done this morning. The steel is 1095 with a hamon, full tang and textured flats. The texture continues along the full length of the tang so you could pull off the carbon fiber and wrap it if you wanted. Overall length is 8.25" and blade length is 3.75". Comes with carbon fiber pattern Holstex sheath and large Tek-Lok belt loop. Unavailable Email me at knifemakerzeeb@yahoo.com or pm me if interested. Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone. I've got a new one available right now. The steel is 1095 with hamon, raindrop etched texture on the flats and 2 tone amboyna burl stabilized slab handles. Comes with leather sheath as well. No longer available. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys. It's been a long while since I've been on here and I just wanted to post a few pictures of my most recent piece. The steel is 1095. The pattern was created by cutting prespaced vinyl "scales" and applying them to the steel to act as a resist and then etching in ferric acid. The pattern was taken from picture of a crocodile I pulled off the internet. The handle is buckeye burl which had some pretty large voids in it so I had to hit it with the super glue pretty heavily. Turned out pretty nice overall, though I think.
  6. Hey guys. The texturing is done by painting on a resist and acid etching. You can get some really interesting results depending on what you use and how you apply it. If you want to see more of this type of thing check out Kiku Matsuda's work. Really cool stuff...
  7. Hey guys. Unfortunately I haven't been able to hop on here in a while, but I wanted to post a picture of my latest piece. The steel is 1095 from Aldo and the handle is 2 tone amboyna burl.
  8. Hi Matthew

    Just wondering if you received my e mails, please let me know.



  9. Hey guys! I wanted to share my most current piece with you. It represents a change of direction in my style. I’ve been experimenting with the use of textures on my blades with pretty successful results. This piece was created from 1095 (from Aldo) with an acid etched texture on the flats, hamon, and carbon fiber handle scales in a takedown style. The sheath (not pictured) was made out of molded Boltaron material. Thanks for looking! ~Matt
  10. I finally got around to getting some pictures set up for this one. The steel is 1075 with a clay quench, stabilized spalted maple handle and tooled leather pouch sheath. Price: SOLD Contact me at knifemakerzeeb@yahoo.com with questions or to purchase.
  11. Hey everybody. Here's a picture of a couple small kirdashi. I've been playing around with texturing techniques and I wanted a small quick project to try them out on so I settled on kiridashi since they're quick and easy to forge and grind. After I got done with the basic forging and ground the edge I painted a design on the handles and etched them. Then, after heat treating the quench left them nice and black, so I sanded down the highlights to give them a bit more of contrast. Let me know what you think!
  12. Hey everyone. I need to make room for new inventory so I'm offering 4 knives at ridiculously low prices!! The first is a very small little blade with a side draw sheath set up to be worn on a belt horizontally. I'm asking $35.00 for it. SOLD The second was already offered on here, but I've lowered the price significantly so I wanted to repost it here and give everyone the chance to have a go at it. It's a hunting knife with an etched blade and amboyna burl for the handle. I've lowered the price to $140.00 SOLD. The third is also a hunting knife with hamon and dyed maple burl for
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