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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to get this posted before the weekend. I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out. 1075 steel, double dyed, stabilized maple burl handle, and black tooled sheath. It's also posted over on my brand new site: www.zeebknives.com Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day, and thanks to all of you who are serving, or have served in our military.
  2. I've tried a lot of things but I like the look that multiple lemon juice etching cylces brings out on the 10XX series steels. I heat up the juice in the microwave for about a minute, then wipe it on over a period of about 10-15 minutes till you can see plenty of nasty looking oxides build up on the surface. Then clean those off with Simichrome polish (people have used Flitz or Mothers to good effect too, I hear). Repeat as many times as necessary to bring out the detail. I've tried vinegar too, but didn't like the smell
  3. This is one I finished up recently... Rutland Black furnace cement quenched in Parks #50.
  4. Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've been on here, but I've recently been inspired to start working on knives again after a couple great hammerins with the Mad Dwarf Workshop guys and Rick Barrett. Up for sale is a knife I made a while back and just recently finished up. It's 1095 with a hamon and ironwood handle slabs. The sheath is leather with a basketweave stamp pattern. Price is $165 plus shipping. If you're interested email me at knifemakerzeeb@yahoo.com. Thanks for looking! Price reduced to $135 plus shipping.
  5. Thanks John! I'll try to keep the image size in mind from here on out! ~Matt
  6. This one's been SOLD. Thanks for looking! Hey guys! I'm not real sure what to call this one, but it's up for sale! It's somewhat inspired by a kukri shape, but stylized somewhat. Anyway, if you're interested in it, I'm setting the price at $150 + shipping. You can PM me or email me at knifemakerzeeb@yahoo.com. Paypal preferred. Thanks for looking! ~Matt
  7. Thanks for the comments, guys! This one's still for sale if anyone's interested....
  8. Thanks for all the great comments, guys. I did offer this at a lower price because I'm not really known in the knifemaking world yet. Hopefully that will change!
  9. I learned all the useful knowledge I have about hamons from Walter Sorrells' instructional videos. I can't recommend them enough! The fact that everyone on this forum is so willing to share their hard earned knowledge pretty awesome!
  10. Up for sale is a knife that I had posted on here a while back, but it didn't sell, so I've lowered the price. I'm asking $100 + shipping for this one. If you're interested please email me at knifemakerzeeb@yahoo.com. Questions or comments are welcome. Thanks for looking!
  11. Hey everyone. Up for sale is a nice simple functional bowie style blade with a nice hamon. I'm asking 130 + shipping for knife and sheath. If you're interested please email me at knifemakerzeeb@yahoo.com. Thanks for looking and as always, comments (positive and negative) are welcome. SOLD
  12. Hey everyone, First of all, I'd like to say that I've been frequenting this forum for years now, and most of my inspiration has come from the guys who post here. Thanks to everyone for being so willing to talk about their methods. I've never sold a knife, so this part is new to me. To that end I hope you guys will give me some feedback about the knife (and my pricing if it's too high or too low). If anyone is interested in making a purchase, contact me at matthewzeeb@yahoo.com Thanks for looking! ~Matt Blade: 1095 water quenched with hamon Handle: Cherry with red fiber spacer a
  13. Thanks for the replies. I apologize for the mistake, Don. I couldn't remember the post very well, but I think you had indeed referred to someone else taping their handles. The solution I ended up with is to use vinyl. I work at a screen printing company, and we have all sorts of leftover vinyl laying around, so I grabbed some, and taped up my handle, and hoped for the best. I also cut out a small version of my logo, and used it on the blade to mark it. The vinyl worked quite well with ferric, and the logo came out very well. 2 problems, though: I didn't get the vinyl on quite well
  14. I just got the knife done last night.
  15. A while back I was looking through the posts and one of Don's mentioned finishing the knife and taping off the handle before etching. Would any of you know what kind of tape to use? ~Matt
  16. Brian, I did temper in the oven at 350 for 2 hours right after I hardened it. As far as the hamon goes, from what I can tell, the line is farther back, and a lot more spread out from where the clay line was. So, that leads me to believe that what ya'll are saying about not getting a distinct hamon with 5160 is true. As far as the "cloud" phenomenon goes, I actually didn't normalize after grinding. I forged to basic shape, then ground to final shape (I'm not that good of a smith yet:)), and because I was in such a hurry to try the clay quench I decided to forego the normalization. Don't
  17. Morning everyone. I just finished etching this bowie last night. The steel is leaf spring (5160, I presume), with an oil quench. I tried etching in vinegar, and it didn't work out so well, so I switched to the ferric which worked a whole lot faster. I may have etched too deep, but I will go back, polish the blade, and etch again once I have the handle on. I do have some questions, though... I was under the impression the hamon would turn out lighter than the rest of the blade. I also don't know for sure what the anomalies along the edge are. When I applied the clay it followed a line m
  18. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, but I've already gotten loads of useful information out of it, and I figured it was time to share something of my own. This is the first knife I have "officially" finished. I have a lot of blades lying around, but none that were finished to my satisfaction till this one. By the way, thanks to Don for a wonderful site. ~matt
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