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  1. still have the 2x72 Grizzly and the 9" kmg disk grinder
  2. No more knife making due to health so selling 3 speed 1.5 hp KMG grinder flat platen kit with 14" wheel, tool storage rack, and Wilmont Grinder small wheel attachment $1800. I'm located in Hattiesburg MS no shipping this stuff is too heavy. contact me at jscharwath@yahoo.com
  3. REDUCED prices really need to get these sold in a very small space now!!!! The only thing left is the grinder!!!!!! ANVIL is sold record vices sold air cleaner sold
  4. 200 lb Fisher sawyer anvil 7x7" face 9.5" tall 9.25x9.25 base Fisher on one side, 1521 on one side, 1915 on one side good shape face is flat no gouges but rust pitting $400 -----REDUCED---- if you think this is too high make an offer!!!!!! ANVIL IS SOLD Record 50lb cast anvil $30 some surface rust made in England ---REDUCED---SOLD Record SQ3 speed screw vise $50 some surface rust made in England ---REDUCED--- Sold Record SQ6 speed screw vice $75 some surface rust made in England ---REDUCED--- Sold Grizzly G1015 2x72 knife grinder 8" wheel used good shape with new 10" wheel $
  5. Aldo mine looks good, the shop fairies just need to hurry up and finish my shop.
  6. Thats it, good machine the best of the 3 in 1's IMHO. Sorry about not posting a link or picture new to the forum so still learning the ropes.
  7. I have a 17-20 XMTC for sale in Hattiesburg Mississippi with many extras. This machine has been used aprox 10 hours and is just sitting in my shop. Included with the machine is st56 bench, st12 low speed lathe kit, st35 live center, st53 steady rest, st27 compound quick change tool post, st11 lathe boring bar, st42 v blocks with clamps, st55 tap extension set, st119 power feed, bonus tool package, and a Diamond tool holder with viedo by D&P Burke tool makers From Bay-Com. Shop Manual, viedo and Digital CNC demo disk. Paid $2600 for all but will sale for $2000 send any questions to jschar
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