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  1. Richard: Don't know about the bubbles, but ultrasonic will get out the smutt which will be necessary for a deep etch. Etching under a vacuum may also work to eliminate or minimize the effect of bubbles.
  2. All true. However with pure iron and 1095, if welded and drawn out at a temperature below the "Ac1" of the iron there will be little if any diffusion of carbon.
  3. Unless you got a spec. sheet for the "A36", there is no telling what is in it. Cr,Ni,Si, and P all cause light color when etching.
  4. Yes, I have used glass as a flux---- beer bottles, soda bottles, etc. Worked ok for me.
  5. Richard: The first thought that came to my mind while looking at your handle--- "how did he do that" ! Nice piece of work.
  6. Me thinks this is another problem between terms. Laymanspeak vs Engineer speak.
  7. Couple of costs that have not been mentioned; 1. Cost of equipment used to make knife. All tools have a lifespan. 2. Cost of space used to do knifemaking. 3. Cost of utilities. 4. Cost of making sale. (travel, Motel, meals, sellers time) Anything that could be listed as an expence on a business income tax form (scedule C) is an real expence to the maker.
  8. Thanks Scott. I have wondered about the bonds in CPH? ( looks so organic), whereas the atoms in ferrite and austenite seem to have a classic approach/avoidance conflict.
  9. "Principles of Heat Treatment" by M.A.Grossmann, ASM 1935---1953, Scranton, Pa. USA "The Alloying Elements in Steel" by Edgar C. Bain, ASM 1939
  10. Tom: Thanks for the thorough reply! Found your website while searching for a copy of the coinage book, at a price that I could afford. Nice site!!! Nice work !!! I will probably be bothering you with button questions in 2 or 3 months. Best, Daryl
  11. Tom: Long time no see! Good to see that you are still working metal. How are you making the "master" to cold form the dies? Best Regards, Daryl Meier
  12. Please note, the term "rusty" is not quantitative.
  13. Bob: How about posting some of the pictures that you took. ( did you get one of the bra tattoo on the back of the guitar player?)
  14. Jesus: Very interesting pictures!!!!! Would it be possible for you to use a video camera on the next or some future quench? It might be possible to view the sequential frames as stills and catch the time lag ( and measure it) from initial immersion to formation of the vapor phase and it's breakdown.
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