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  1. I have a new Lincoln 5hp,220v,3850rpm,reversible motor for sale.Original cost was 575$ and Im asking 370$ NOW 300$SOLD TO SAM shipped in USA with Paypal.I also have a small used spin casting machine and Im asking 75$ shipped in USA,Paypal please.
  2. http://www.knifenetwork.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25368
  3. I find the third hour really dries out the pie;)
  4. A rounded punch can be used to create the ridge.If you look closely at the pic you will see a hollow depression along the ridge line.
  5. I'll get some pics and descriptions tomorrow.
  6. I run one on my truck,motorcycle,and forge.The addition of HHO adds 400-500F increases in temperatures.Its particularly good for doing stainless san-mais and damascus.I get a 3 mile increase in my diesel truck and 10 on the motorcycle.So many people claim these HHO's are myths but my results have been excellent.
  7. 1 1/2 works well for traditionally sized tomahawks.
  8. You could mill the face,use sanding discs on a drill,surface grind,and other ways.It all depends on your tools,skill,and resources.
  9. Transfer your image to Image Shack,an online hosting site.then copy the link from Image Shack to your post here. You could also use words to describe your problem with your anvil and see if we can help.
  10. Sure has been a lot of work but you'll be smiling a giant grin soon!
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