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  1. I run one on my truck,motorcycle,and forge.The addition of HHO adds 400-500F increases in temperatures.Its particularly good for doing stainless san-mais and damascus.I get a 3 mile increase in my diesel truck and 10 on the motorcycle.So many people claim these HHO's are myths but my results have been excellent.

  2. Transfer your image to Image Shack,an online hosting site.then copy the link from Image Shack to your post here.


    You could also use words to describe your problem with your anvil and see if we can help.

  3. So much for back ordered.It arrived this morning with no warning.Im happy its here but now I have to get some help to move it into the shop.I was told by phone conversation not to expect it to arrive for 3-4 weeks.I guess they found one in a warehouse or something.Be forewarned that they are shipping these in freight trucks with no lift gates.Im lucky my pick-up sits so high or else I dont know how we would have gotten it out of the truck.I'll post some pics once its set-up.Thanks again Dave!!!!


    PS.Converting this to power feed should not be very difficult,once its set-up I'll be able to see how to convert it and will post some updates.

  4. I found out that Don is quite sick while on another forum,so I thought it would be nice to let everyone know so they can send their wishes for a speedy recovery.It was stated he was not accepting e-mails or phone calls.Don I don't know whats wrong but I send my prayers and wishes,McAhron

  5. Well done.Looks like you have the temp and soak time nailed.The claying was done properly as the hamon is the correct distance from the edge and beautiful.Did you lose a little of the tip grinding,the reason I ask is the hamon should be a little further back from the tip.All said and done,you should be very proud B)

  6. Beautiful work.With people of the past,in general they would have tougher hands than we do now due to the type of tools and work done in that era.Lots of manual labor.Also the shape of the handle promotes a very confident grip.The last thing on your mind when somebody is trying to kill you is"damn my hands uncomfortable" :D

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