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  1. Really cool.How bigs the pocket hatchet?
  2. Looks great as it is Guy.Keep us posted
  3. Thanks Mac.I need a better camera as the pictures make everything look grainy.The knives actualy have a nice finish but you cant tell in the pics.
  4. Congratulations to both student and teacher.
  5. Thanks.They all have leather sheaths.
  6. Thanks JM.I live in La honda.Its betwween Santa Cruz and San Francisco,in the redwoods.There is little that has not been done before in knife making so have fun
  7. The bowie is forged and the rest stock removal of 1070.All oil and clay quenched,oil bath tempered.The bowie has stainless fittins and kingwood handle.Both hunters have wrought iron furniture,one hase flamewood,the other bocote.The EDC has stabilzed redwood burl with mosiac pins.All the hidden tangs have hidden pins to add strength and keep everything aligned
  8. The two kiridashi's are alabama damascus and the rest are 1070,clay and oil queched,tempered in an oil bath.Handles are black g-10.All have concealex sheaths.Thanks for looking
  9. All are forged 1070,clay and oil quenched,oil bath tempered.The blade collars(habaki) are copper.The large one has bocote,the next has amboyna,the first octagon handle is Cambodian blackwood and the other is coocbola.All stabilized.All the furniture is stainless with hidden pins to add strength and keep every thing aligned.They all have hamon but I choose to only acid etch the blackwood one.
  10. Welcome and howwwwdy.Your work is excelent.
  11. Only 80???Wow Im speechless :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
  12. I think as long as someone did as well as they could there is honor in the work.I think what you did for the kid is not only proper but shows the world is not so bad as major media wants us to believe.
  13. Kevin Cashen has a new article at his web site demything and clarifying the stock vs. forge blade debate.
  14. Thanks Jeff. If you need any information about the BAKCA Knife Show contact: Doug Isaacson at (510) 797-9840 or doug@raymondhandling.com . Show Dates and time: August 19th & 20th. Sat. 10:00 am to 5 pm; Sun 10 am to 3 pm. Crowne Plaza Cabana, 4290 El Camino Real, Palo Alto The clubs old website has been closed www.bakca.org. A new website was to be up and running, but delays have prevented the opening.
  15. Larry I have never met you or even talked online but want to welcome you back and congratulate you on your recovery.
  16. Jesus thats excellent.I love the patterning of the steel.
  17. Why yuh'all harpen on Uncledaddy.Gots to get some eatins somehows.
  18. The clip,filework and caving are well done.Congrats
  19. I started with a 1" belt grinder.With great care you can make good blades on it but is much more difficult.If you can put a pyroceam platen liner on it,it would help.I began with a 1x42,then a grizzly 2x72 and now use a KMG.If you are serious about making knives then buy the KMG and skip the money spent on other grinders.Buy once,cry once,buy twice cry twice,etc...JMHO
  20. I dont recall seeing this style before.I like it.It plays with light and reflections very well.Congrats Don
  21. Thank you Don for your support.I absolutely will be posting pics.I have 16 knives nearly done.All they need is a dip in acid to expose the hamons, logos,then sheaths.All the other work is done. Dan I look forward to seeing you two there.The wakashzi(spelling?) you made last year was outstanding and I cant wait to see what you will bring this year.Peerhaps I'll make it to Token Kai too.
  22. The Bay Area Knife Collectors show is in two weeks.This is my first show and would like to invite all that come to drop by and say howwwdy.
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