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  1. Glad to see your back at it.Now get busy and make something for us to see
  2. Those are sweet.Do you have any more pics of the little guy?
  3. I think its very nice and dont believe the hamon is to close to the edge.With proper sharpening it should last a 100 years.You should not be removing much material when sharpening.Just a couple of licks with a stone or diamond hone
  4. What a nice oppurtunity.Looks like everyone had fun.Got any pics of their knives?
  5. Woooohoooooooo :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
  6. Welcome!Fantastic blade :notworthy: :notworthy:
  7. Dang Don that is sweet.Great design,awsome hamon,and great choice of materials.A real winner! :notworthy:
  8. Alpha knife supply has good prices.Their on the web
  9. Nice work.Cool to see someone forge in the bowl.Many do it on a lathe and braze or screw it on.
  10. Prizzm this has been coverd in great detail many time at Blade Forums.Read through the post and decide which coating you would like
  11. Dagnabit thats nice :notworthy:
  12. The wrought iron hawks look very nice.Whats the edge steel?
  13. Fantastic!The mokume and box alder are perfect together :notworthy:
  14. Cool tutorial,thanks Geoff :notworthy:
  15. Use the belt grinder to shave and you'll only have to do it once
  16. They are all nice but the bottom one with more of a beard is my favorite
  17. Nice distal,good design,awsome first! :35:
  18. Need someone to clean your closets Fantastic first!
  19. McAhron

    belt knife

    HOWWWWWWWWWWDY an welcome.You make a fine knife and are a welcomed addition
  20. Nice design!The handle in particular is apealing to me. :notworthy:
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