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  1. Wow,I realy like that.Outa this world :notworthy: :notworthy:
  2. AWSOME :notworthy: :notworthy:
  3. Nice tribute,good distal,and cool guard.
  4. You can cast guards and other things with a variety of materials.There are many online recouces that cover the basics.Do a search on (lost wax casting) it is a fun way to cast.There are also many books,videos,dvd's on the subject as well as classes at places like rec centers and junior colleges.
  5. Lots of the older rail is 1050.Many of the ww2 Japanese swords were made from rail due to steel shortages.It would be an awful lot of work to use the rail for knives or anything of the sort unless you have one hell of a forge and an even larger press and/or hammer.It is good for small anvils,hammer dies and other manipulation tools but still takes alot of work.
  6. Great little bowie! :notworthy:
  7. Nice job and the mexican loop sheath is a good accent.: )
  8. Thanks,and great salvage!
  9. Thanks,they look great! :notworthy:
  10. Nice triplets.What are the specs of the one with ray skin?
  11. Cool pair,got any clearer pics,handle close-ups?
  12. McAhron


    Awsome,Awsome,Awsome.Great flowing elegant lines.When Im done moving I'll post some pics of some of the blades I make,very similiar.I try to mix up Japanese,Nordic and american influences.This is a truly spectacular design :notworthy:
  13. fabulous sheath and the knife is great too :notworthy:
  14. It does indeed have a hamon,cool.She looks like she's a beauty.
  15. Good work Bob,Im sure whomever gets it will like it.
  16. With talent like that,ALex is a good friend to have.Nice work
  17. Everything on this one flows just right.Great use of materials,even the choice of wood with its directional grain realy helps to make the furniture pop.Could you explain how the habaki was textured? :notworthy:
  18. Nice tutorial Jesus! I do mine exactly the same.I wish this tutorial was around when I first tried making them.It was alot of trial and error before I came across this same method.
  19. Looking good,been busy huh
  20. I had the same thing happen,thats why ther is three duplicate posts(sorry) P.S. how do you delete?
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