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  1. Join CNCZONE.com They have over a hundred forums devoted to every type of metal working.
  2. I started with an N'Graver and now use Lindays classic.Save up for the classic.Better control,quality,and shorter learning curve as you wont have to learn to compensate for a tools short-comings.
  3. Mine ran at 24 tons with the 11hp gas engine but now runs at 19 tons with a 7hp 3200rpm motor.I cant tell much of a difference.
  4. Well done! However he needs to learn how to hold the knife.He He He
  5. Thanks Walter.Its a false edge but could be easily sharpened.
  6. This was a Christmas present for a friend.The blade and bolsters are 5160,15n20,L6 damascus.The scales are stabilized maple and the pins SS bolts.I also inlayed a bear fetish into the handle with 24k gold and argentium sterling silver.Lastly I ceramic coated the whole thing with a roughened surface on the handle for a better grip.Hope you all like it.Peace,McAhron
  7. I use the plate clamp method.I begin by mixing borax into water till I get a white-wash consistancy.I sand all the materials and immeadiatley dip into the borax/water mix and let dry.I place the materials into the plate clamp,tighten quite firmly and place it into the forge or kiln,then remove when fully heated and press it with my hydraulic press,I use to use a vise before I had a press.After its pressed it is fused and ready for use or further manipulation.
  8. If you have a micro torch you could selectively temper/color the different parts.
  9. Hope this wont cost too much.I sure am thankful you have this forum for us all to enjoy.Im also glad it wasnt another hack job.
  10. Yes you can recycle silver.Instead of letting it cool in your crucible,pour a mold,use sand,casting mortor,or even graphite milled to desired shape.I doubt a large platter for 35$ is sterling,its probably plated.
  11. Common Pop's, she's ready for a bowie! Darci your doing very well.I can see you take pride in your work and it shows in your attention to detail.
  12. McAhron


    Looks great.Your son should be proud!
  13. Since your doing push engaving I would try copper,silver, or aluminium.Steels pretty darn hard to push engrave.Good work
  14. I have been engraving for over a year now.Steve Lindsay sells a sharpening system that is inexpensive and simple to use.I first used a crocker type sharpener and that was a joke,then I upgraded to a GRS dual angle system and it works great but is slow for touch ups, Steves system is the greatest thing to happen in engraving since power assist.http://airgraver.com/ I dont agree with not being able to teach yourself.Many of todays top engravers had no formal instruction or art background.Engraving is like knifemaking, you have to put the time in to become good,although taking some classes on engraving will speed up your learning curve.We are very lucky to have the wealth of information the internet brings to us,from forums on engraving to the many youtube videos availible.GRS and the Firearms Guild(FEGA) sell many instruction videos too.Good luck to you and post some picks of your progress.
  15. Try Steve Lindsays Engraving forums or The Engravers Cafe.There are many tutorials available as well as many of the worlds premiere engravers there to ask questions from.
  16. Another try. http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=431626&highlight=log+splitter+press
  17. here you go <a href="http://s115.photobucket.com/albums/n299/McAhron_2006/?action=view&current=100_6815.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n299/McAhron_2006/100_6815.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  18. Do a search.Andy got a bit of help from me as I built one and posted a bunch of pics 2-3 years ago.Also at Dons sight there is a die page.
  19. A large camp knife is not for carving.As to what is the right bevel for any one use is highly subjective and is why nobody has probably responded.A large camp knife is going to need to be stout throughout the the bevel so a hollow grind wouldn't be preferred, so that leaves you with flat or convex,which is better?? nobody can say with certainty,answers would be based on opinion.My personal preference for a large camp knife would be 10 inches long,1 3/4-2 inches wide,guard less,large handled and includes a laynard near where the front bolster would be.It would also be carbon steel for ease of sharpening and more forgiveness with battening(beating on the spine)
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