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  1. 416 is much nicer for engraving.
  2. Thats what I was thinking but I didnt think of the viscosity issue.They make spin on filter hydraulic water seperators that look much like that.Maybe contact the manufacturer.
  3. Another option is go to the junk yard and get a water separator off an old diesel engine.Run it on the low pressure return line.
  4. Nice to see you here again.Beautiful knives.Did you do the engraving and inlays?
  5. Lucky # 7. Great grinding Gary.
  6. All the knife supply co's carry them plus several makers.
  7. Great looking dendrites,a major success!
  8. For large fullers as with swords I think you could get away with it for smaller stuff I doubt it would work.Daves link is great but also check out Brent Finnigans,its awsome and I believe he sells them.
  9. DOn Hanson.Sells over at Bladeforums
  10. McAhron


    Fantastic!Nice clean/tight welds.
  11. Looks like John will take good care of you.
  12. McAhron


    Looks fantastic.Got a close-up pic?
  13. Joe I sent a personal e-mail to you. Michael,unfortunately I dont have any other pics.David was supposed to do some quality pics when he recieved it but his camera took a dump.I was dissapointed because the finish work looks so much nicer in person. Thanks guys!
  14. Fire bricks nice until borax touches it.Borax will eat it like candy.If you do forge welding using borax then you will need to line the floor with something to resist the corrosion.
  15. Cool boowie.I like what you did with the ricasso/plunge.
  16. How long is she.My vertical kiln has a 29" max length with a 2x 2 1/2 chamber.I would quench in parks 50 with a satinite clay-up, so the sori needs to be preformed.If your looking to do a water quench then I can do that too but I still have a 30-40% failure rate with water on long blades and I know others do better than that.
  17. Lovely mate.How did you manipulate the pattern,looks like explosion.
  18. Neil I love this series.The sheaths are cool too.
  19. Awsome.I made one full electric and after seeing this I wish I used gas.
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