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  1. Jesse the blade collar looks great on her.Im a huge fan of collars and use them on many blades as I think they add class and structural integrity.Your multi-bar pattern is well done too.Congrats.
  2. Rob at Beaumont is really nice and if asked may give you all the demensions.
  3. Ooooooh Im feeling randy its so seaxxxxxy. Outstanding!
  4. Well I guess its ok even though theres no hamon and it folds Ok,ok,very well done.I agree that pattern is crazy.Love the handle and bolsters too.Bet it was nice to complete something other than a first class,hamon popping,fixed blade.
  5. Been ther,done that.I think patience is truly THE major factor in knife making enjoyment and success.Slow down and have fun.
  6. These are the first two knives you have made!!??? With all sincerity,f@#$king incredible,and I rarely swear.The design,blade finish,and hamon are all top notch and look as if done by someone with many years experience.
  7. Did you use oil!?Unless you realy overheated it,left deep scratches on the edge, or left the edge to thin it should not have cracked.If you used water then a more successful way would be to quench in pre-heated water for 3 seconds then pull ot and very quickly put the blade into pre-heated oil at tempering temperature.Just make sure to use oil with a high flash point like peanut oil. 1050-1080 is quite forgiving.I mostly use 1065 and 1070.
  8. Looks good Jens.I think kristopher will/is very happy,specialy if you bought the beer
  9. Sure looks fun to me.I think adding power is neat too.Please post some construction pics as you go.
  10. I pick up my copper at the local steel and building supply.I use .100 though.I see little reason to go thicker,you will just have to grind more away and copper heats up real fast.I have made a lot of habaki and burn the crap out of my fingers every time.
  11. I think the multi angle plunge is neat.Great knife
  12. I am looking for some used mosiac and pattern welded damascus dvd's.I dont have a vcr so please no tapes.Thanks,McAhron
  13. I dont know what an original looks like but can say this ones terrific.Beautiful lines,great finish,and beautiful scabbard.
  14. I like the flow of this one.Good job
  15. Im terrified,and to think the damn termites in my area have been bugging me
  16. I used to coat all my blades with borax prior to clay to reduce decarb and to help the clay stick.It works.I now mix the borax into the clay at a 10/1 ratio.First a thin slurry to coat the blade to reduce scale and decarb,then the clay backing.Works great for me.
  17. great first knife and the wood ones are both creative and well executed.
  18. Your first picture is not showing but the knife in the scabbard looks great,congratulations!
  19. Bonjour!Zut that is a fantastic knfe.You are very talented and I will look forward to your posts in the future.I am taking a French lanquage class and if you dont mind I will try using what little I know in my responses to your posts.Biento,McAhron
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