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  1. You've still got a lot of life ahead of you! Cheers, Fuad
  2. Hi Beau, Yeah it's 3/8ths thick. The gun is a Barrett 50cal semi auto that I got to shoot. I just traded one of my knives for a Hungarian AK that I've not gotten a chance to shoot yet. Cheers, Fuad
  3. Go get it man! The entire first (and only) season is like $20 at Target. Great show-wish it didn't get canceled so soon. Cheers, Fuad
  4. Browncoat or Alliance MJDforge? Line was from Serenity, Jane was also in Firefly-Dong Ma? Zow Sheng, Fuad p.s. Shiny pic of Me and Vera
  5. Thanks Dave! Jane was a rather cunning guy, especially when he wore the hat his mom sent him. Cheers, Fuad
  6. Hi Guys, Here's kind of a first for me. It's an all-Damascus AUK(Acre Utility Knife). 400 layers of 15n-20, 52100, and 1065. See what you think. Cheers, Fuad Accawi http://www.AcreMetalworks.com
  7. Thank You very much Howard. After meeting you at the youth hammer-in last year I became interested in turning my hand at making swords again. Will you be there again this year? Thank You again for your encouragement. Cheers, Fuad
  8. Thank You Jim. It was good to meet you, and I hope to see you again soon. Cheers, Fuad
  9. Thanks Tom, Just think of how excited she'll be when you tell her you want to quit your day job and do it full-time. Cheers, Fuad
  10. Thanks Alan. The sword is 28&1/8th overall, the blade is 22&1/2. To get the grind at the plunge right I had to do them on the top roller of my 6x48. In fact the flats were done on the top roller too- Hard to do recurve on a wide platen. And Scheherazade had to have a sword -her husband was nuts!
  11. Thank You All for the Fantastic input. I forged this sword for the sheer joy of it. There's only so many drop point hunters I can force myself to make in a row Ha Ha! Cheers, Fuad
  12. Hi All, I just got back from the 2009 Blade Show in Atlanta. The show went pretty well as I sold eight knives. I had this smallsword with me and decided to let Coop do his magic with it. See what you think. Cheers, Fuad Accawi http://www.AcreMetalworks.com
  13. Thank You very much Josh! Cheers, Fuad Visit My Website
  14. "Our Jane saw the bladesmiths backs breaking.. He saw the bladesmiths lament...... " "And he saw the purveyors takin' every dollar and leavin' five cents. So he said: "You can't do that to my people." said "You can't crush them under your heel." So Jayne strapped on his hat and in 5 seconds flat stole everythin' that purveyor had to steal. " Who's next? I saw your site Dee- fantastic work! Can you kill me with your brain? Cheers, Fuad Visit My Website
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