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  1. Hi Jake, I use my bader 1 inch wheel to rough them out then I finished shaping by hand.
  2. Very Nice, I would love to have something that nice in my kitchen.
  3. Heres another recent piece from my shop. The blade is 9 1/4" long and the overall is 14 1/8" long. The hilt is made of high carbon mosaic candy cane twist with desert ironwood for the grip. Thanks for looking, John
  4. Here is a new blade that I just finished up. The hilt is made of ebony, damascus and fine silver. 14.5" long 9.5" loose twist damascus blade. Happy new year, John
  5. Hey thanks everyone. I havent' been around much ..my bad. I have been in the shop alot lately tho. Here is a crappy pic of the sheath that I made for this bowie, must have been a smudge on the lens . Oh, and yes it is a peened tang.
  6. Wow Jake. You never cease to impress. Very nice.
  7. Sweet Blade man, I look forward to seeing the finished piece. John
  8. Thank you everyone for the great response. Sorry I did'nt get back to this thread sooner. Cheers, John
  9. Here is a new blade from my shop. Its 13 3/4" with an 8/34" blade, Desert ironwood, bronze and pattern weld. Hope you like it, Cheers, John
  10. Hi Karl, That is a really sweet bowie!!! Congrats!!! John
  11. Hi Ray, It is great to see you building a new shop to replace the old one. The work that you have done in the interim has been really sweet. I look forward to your work from the new shop. Regards, John
  12. Excellent photos Daniel. Thank you for sharing. Regards, John
  13. Hi everyone, Here is a new blade from my shop. It's 1075, bronze and Thuya burl. 14.5" overall. Hope you like it. Regards, John
  14. Holy crap, that is a sweet collaboration and set. Awesome work fellas!! Very inspiring!!
  15. Duuuuuddddde...........Sssssweeeettttttt. :You_Rock_Emoticon:
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