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  1. Nice work and a good uncle, I hope they like and enjoy them.
  2. Beautiful pipe, I don't smoke but I would love to have a pipe like that just to sit up somewhere and look at it, again very nice work. Bill
  3. Don, I got the steel today, thought I had a real thing going with the letter carrier but today she told me that she doesn't love me anymore, o well, Bill
  4. Don, sending pay-pal a note. thanks, Bill
  5. Don, I would like a box of the 1.75 W2 , if you still have any let me know your pay-pal address, thanks, Bill
  6. Calvin, Tifton, Ga is about 75 miles north-northeast of tallahassee on interstate 75, the agriacenter is right off 75 in Tifton,Ga, It's a real treat to see all that beautiful wood, I do some wood working at times and drool each time I go there. I hope you get to see it sometime. Bill
  7. There is a house in Tifton, Ga, that has the wallls and floors made out of it. It is truly a site to see. If you are ever passing through Tifton Ga, its at the agriacenter, a living history village, in a house that the owner of the local saw mill had built for his family. Yes it is beautiful wood. Bill
  8. I agree with christopher, Put the O1 down and get a bar of 5160 or such, O1 can be hard to work, what I have found when first starting out most people don't pay close enough attention to their work, temp is so important with the steel in high carbon ranges, alot of beginners are forging at temps higher than they need to be using, get a way to check your temp and know the working range of your steel ( what ever it maybe ) ONLY WORK IN THOSE RANGES, and to Christopher, glad to know some people in the DC area have some smarts.
  9. Very good job for the 3&4, I like the coin Mokume on the buttcaps, ever try using a chainsaw file and make a flower pedetal out of it, I made some for a pie safe that I made and they looked good on it. On your plunge line just take it slow and easy and practice alot. On your ricasso, go to Don Hansons web page ( hope you don't mind Don ) and to a link about in shop forging and see how he get his straight and pulled down, maybe it will help you with that. Keep up the good work. Also get yourself some 5160 to work with right now, it works and heat treats so much easier, This past weekend I
  10. I like the horn pin in the handle, very nice knife.
  11. Jim, like the low layer twist and reforged blade, for my 2 cents worth I think N/S guard with one N/S pin in ebony or blackwood handle, Bill
  12. For good info and domo on a used oil burner forge, go over to you-tube and watch Trent Tye and his air assisted propane/used oil forge in action. Purgtory Ironworks.com
  13. Karl, you have really out done yourself on this one , love it , as always keep up the good work.
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