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  1. Nay, Tonn, most of us know you are neither arroganot nor bitchy It´s just you always underrate your craftmanship. You are a master !
  2. Ah, yes. The usual stuff. Silver,and damascus. And ebony - ah wait, Desert Ironwood!!! Ah yes, the ususal stuff. Boring. Um - did I say boring? Amazing, I meant, amazing!!! Amazing stuff, as always, Tonu! Hope to see you in may in Solingen - your table was the most boring table last year! edit - please change boring to amazing gorgeous wonderful etc.
  3. Welcome back, Tony! I do remember your nick at least I guess every welded handle will brake after some time, especially as it is prone to getting hot and cold in rather short intervals. If it held two hours forging by hand, I´d say you welded well When forging damascus ( cole / power hammer) I need to reweld the handle every... five to six heats ( I guess, never counted).
  4. quote "I am about 30 minutes into this knife. " This true? and nearly done?
  5. Sam, since the days you made your entry to this community you have definitely been making progress ... Today all I can say is your forging skills start to become unreal. Thats a beautiful piece of art imo - and I would put some fine slim and undersize ivory slabs on it ! Incredible what you learned in the past four years.
  6. Jeff, I think the design and overall looks are outstanding. The leather work really speaks to me, as does it´s tip. Marvellous!
  7. Stéphane, let me be the first to congratulate you on this marvellous piece. I think it is incredible how many ´firsts` you pulled out of your hat and accomplished them so well. It is a marvellous piece, as was the doumentation of your progress! Wonderful work.
  8. JPH, give me 24hrs to see if I can raise the funds... Any idea how much shipping to Germany will be? Be back at you tomorrow! EDIT - Mail sent. Waiting for your response.
  9. Thats a fiery beard well earned. The seax is marvellous - but the scabbard ---- oh my. I´d even say "Jeez!". Seems about time you skipped the japanese crap ( no offence meant!)and continued the migration-era-way This really blew me away. It looks like a oneandahalf-thousand-years-old! Congratulations!
  10. You got really something going with those bush swords. I like how you seem to find the eye for the contours. They flow really well by now. And Padouk for the sheath - thats a mighty fine wood. I hope to get some this weekend at the Solingen Show... It´s hard as should be, resilient and light, and the colour is just WHOOW. I like this one!
  11. I missed this one too - the detail and craftmanship on the scabbard is just incredible. The blade is incredible, too. Those fullers kill me. As is the hilt. And the overall package. Seems.... all is incredible. Can´t wait for the next piece, and the next, and the next.... You got me addicted to your work. Greets to Canada! Mat
  12. I love it Serge. Absolutely unique design in best craftsmanship. Superb.
  13. Thank you all very much! I need more of this ivory, I start to get sleepless and restless
  14. Tai has a time machine. I always knew it! Incredible work, looks like right from the 1840´s.
  15. Thanks, Shawn. It´s fossile walrus ivory. What a gorgeous piece, I need more of this stuff.... Highly addictive material.
  16. Hello everybody, it´s been a time since I showed something, I have been busy.. This bowie was finished last week, originally I intended it to be one of my flagships for the Solingen show in two weeks time. Saturday a customer dropped by, and bought it right away. First come, first serve, I will miss this one on my table. Blade forged from 75Cr1, outer layers 496 layers random Handle is the most beautiful tooth I ever laid my hands on Overall length ist about 410mm ( 16 1/8'') Hope you enjoy the pics, and thanks for looking.
  17. Thanks for your comments! I took the slabs up to 1000 grit, then oiled it and used the normal cotton polishing wheel with standard polishing wax. No magic involved
  18. Hello All, I´d like to show you one of my modest standard models I build now and then. This one was a customer´s order. Blade is 1%C with some tungsten ( german steel# 1.2519, similar to blue paper steel) Slabs desert ironwood blade and handle are both around 3 1/3'' Hope you are all fine. Mat
  19. The story behind it is touching and one can only guess at all the emotions that come along with such a piece; thanks for showing & telling. Might I humbly request some.... sharper and larger pics? It really looks like an outstanding piece! Would love to see some more of it
  20. Just a bowie? Just a beauty!
  21. Hello folks, today I´d like to show you a customers order. Materials are 400layers random damascus, bronze and desert ironwood. The tang is screwed with the butt cap. OAL is about 9 inches. Hope you enjoy the pics! Mat
  22. Uh, my bad, urm, sorry, no bald guys here I guess But what´s a "salutaion"? Corrected, thanks.
  23. Thank you all very much - I´m glad you like it as much as I do The maps were supplied with a german softcover edition of JRRT´s LotR. Somehow they seemed to make the right background for this knife. Though I have to admit they are a bit too bright for photography, wish I had taken something a bit darker for this knife. But, hey - we all see it´s a knife, so it isn´t too bad I guess. Again - thank you all, much appreciated! Mat
  24. Here´s another one I made last year - and I wish I had never given it away... Damascus, ancient walrus ivory and leather, that´s all it needs And some days time, that´s clear. Hope you like it!
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