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  1. Well, my fingers got ugly again, don't worry. Here I have another one, in German they are called "blue arrow". They EAT the ones you seen before. About bush fires: I have been in the north, there they have no problems with fires, it's humid enough. But I have seen fires in the south, in tv news - they have terrible problems down there. One night, we couldn't sleep as there was some "little" fire 30 km to the north - everybody told me " don't worry, it's normal, that's NOTHING"... It suddenly became HOT, about 45 degrees celsius, at night, and there was a rain of ashes - hot enough to burn your fingers. 30 km away, huh? REAL frightening, if you think of a REAL fire in the dry woods... So - don't smoke and camp in the wilderness. Especially if you're a knifemaker in the desert ( like Mr. Goo).
  2. Hello everybody, Well, I've been in Portugal with my family for summer vacations, and I lost my heart to those small insects. Here I post three pics. I would like to have posted them a bit larger, but Uncle Don... You know what I mean? I haven't had time to get some online space, so here they are as big as I could -- Greetings from Germany Mat Maresch
  3. this is a 1% carbon steel and wheelbearings from an airplane. tough and sharp mixture...
  4. " Is it a random pattern because in the photos you can't really tell." Well, sir, it is normal wild damascus, but every second time I turned the package about 90 degrees, before welding. This made a kind of " cell pattern". Greets! Mat changed pic. sorry, don.
  5. Hello everybody. I just finished this one. Blade is 800 layers damascus bolsters are steel handle material is ivory from indian elephant. overallsize is 309mm, blade is 220mm. Greetings from Germany Mat Maresch
  6. Hello everybody. I want to show you a camp knife, forged from a rasp for horse-hoves. The fittings are in damascus, the handle is deer-horn. Sheath is leather with sterlingsilver mountings. Inlay is elephant bone. Was a lot of fun making this one, hope you enjoy the pics. Wish you a nice time, I`ll leave for vacations in Portugal with my family tomorrow. Mat Maresch
  7. Hello. Sorry, Mr Fogg. I didn't realize the image was THAT big... I do know how to resize images, and would have done it if I had seen How big it was. Thought it were some displayproblem on my Computer... Thanks for your advice. Next ones gonna be smaller, I assure you. Thanks for the warm welcome, fellows. The Blade is San-Mai, flanks are 180 layers "turned damascus" (this right? - torsion damascus?) made from Nickel and a 0.6% carbon Steel. Same carbon Steel is the "core" of the blade. Oh, help!!! Always thought my english was good enough, but now... Lots of terms I don't Know. Well, habaki is copper, and handle Bone of the "Stellersche`Seekuh", Seacow-Ripbone in English, I guess. I`ll post another picture, showing the box I made around the knife. The box is made of solid steel, bottom is wood covered / inlayed with leather. In the four corners of the Box there are spacers of damascus. The lid is oak, approx. 1600 years old. Pin is damascus, too. All parts are assembled by rivets. Thanks for looking! Mat
  8. Hello everybody. I want to introduce myself. My name is Mathias Maresch, I am a knifemaker from Germany. I'm 27 years old, and have learned the art from Uli Henicke, who is posting here since some time. He has also shown you my "examination work", that dagger / knife in the chest, remember? I do want to show you some of my knifes here and then, also interested in your opinions. And I want to send my deepest respect and greetings to Mr. Don Fogg - thanks for giving us this space to show and tell - and to Tai - thanks for showing me, what "forging" a blade really is - and to Mr. Jake Powning - for showing such great creativity and love to the art. So, have thee a nice day, and keep the fire blazing! Mat Maresch
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