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  1. Looks quite usable to me. Reminds me a bit of Crocodile Dundee...
  2. Well, he did it again: Everytime I think THIS is the maximum he just goes on and tops the last piece.... Incredibly. The blade´s fuller really kicks. As does the rest
  3. Thanks for your kind words. Constructions vary - full tang knives are mostly with peened pins ( real rivets) and glued underneath, hidden tang knives are either just glued in, or in some cases I have the tang going through the handle and screwed / riveted with the buttcap... Hope this answers your question, hardingknives.
  4. This is incredibly well done and an undisputable piece of art. The blade alone is a true masterpiece - and the mounts do more than justice to it. Thanks for showing :notworthy:
  5. Thanks Dave Um.... are the pics too large ( again) ? I could downsize them, but would prefer to save the time doing this... Some DO seem rather big :/
  6. Hello fellow bladesmiths and friends of sharp´n´pointy things,( even baldes) I do have to admit I´ve been lurking and watching a lot in the last two years without contributing. Just some kind of lazyness I guess To make up for it I thought I´d show you some of the knives I have done and not shown yet - pictures without any logical or time-related order. I hope you do enjoy those....
  7. feels the urge to forge LARGER blades very soon.

  8. If you see any chance to let me now 48hrs before this happens, tell me and I´ll hijack a plane - would love to be there too !
  9. Owen, you Sir, are taking early medieval blades to a new level I don´t have the slightest idea how many hours an english day has, but must be some more than here! I can´t even decide which I like best.... I quess the one on top wins by quite a narrow margin
  10. I saw the title clicked the button and had to cry out loud some real .... well, not quotable words. This is so darn cool. I am very happy to get to see something new from you - and it´s especially nice to see the master gets inspiration from his followers Thanks for showing Don. It´s so wicked it seems cute again... Breathless. Mat
  11. Godlike gargantuan gorgeous Glory. The pattern is really stunning. Real kick-ass Integral! (Uli - Ich ruf nachher mal an) Mat
  12. And Don does it again Wonderfully matched blade shape and artifact handle. I love your knives. I really do. Thanks for showing! Mat
  13. Wow! Theoretical part was known, but to see the blade warp that much - gives me the shivers I guess Doug is right - 25% seems just a fair amount of failure.... I can imagine my 99,7% of blades going to hell in that water tank Thanks for posting chum! Mat
  14. Hello JD, this is a really beautiful blade. I do envy you for your skills - but I don´t envy you for the work that has to have been put into this blade. I´d love to handle her, I bet pics don´t do her justice. Superb work!
  15. Bobby, thanks for posting this wonderful documentation. It is very rare to get so many subsequent images Master Chen surely knows the craft. Outstanding workmanship. Again, thanks for posting!
  16. Uh, you digged this one up again, thanks JJohnson, I am especially honoured by tuggin´you out from the Shadows of Lurk. Have a good time all of you! Mat
  17. Well Bryan, thanks for showing This is a hell of a chopper, I am absolutely sure. And the stag is really nice! I do love Daniels knives, they are one-of-a-kind, all of them. The steel is W2 by the way ( I know cause I sent it ).
  18. I think the fric is f brilliant! Never would have thought 420 can appear so ´carbony`
  19. Hello Greg, you´re right, the additional strips on top and below are just held there by the windings. The book´s name I don´t recall, and I don´t own it. It´s about baskets and basketry, so not too much knife-related material in there. Tonu, thanks for your kind words. I hope all is fine with you, your family and your workshop!
  20. As promised, here is a picture of the "knots". You can see, it isn´t as complicated as one might think. In fact, it´s rather simple. Any questions remaining? Ask
  21. Thanks for the kind words, fellas. It was fun to make, and I have some more rattan-wrapped plans for the future. Kurt, the handle is not really slim - like on a large hunting knife I´d say. And the structure of the wrapping helps getting a tight grip on it. Greg, I will try to get some pics of the drawings in a book which explain how it works ( it´s rather simple, to be honest). And of course I tested the blade before finishing it - I went to the local woods and cleaned the undergrowth a bit. Hell of a cutter, thats for sure. Herb, I can´t wait to see your take on the jungles sweets Again, thanks all!
  22. Jack strikes again Wonderfully done, as always. Hope all is well with you! mat
  23. Clean an simple yet elegant - I like it. Wonderful sheath, too!
  24. Hello fellow bladesmiths and friends of the cutting edges! It´s been ages since I posted something here - but since the inspiration to this piece has been drawn from this board, I thought it were just fair to show it to you. Borneo Wilderness Made from spring steel, blade is approx. 20 inches Handle bog-oak wrapped with rattan approx 12 inches long Sheath is bog-oak with rattan, too Credits: Uli Hennicke for heat treat ( my oven is to small) Daniel Schenk for wrapping the handle and DON FOGG / JIMMY FIKES for inspiration - I´ve seen JD Smiths Jungle Honey and had to build something like this. Thanks a lot, Sirs. Enjoy the pics, as I enjoyed the testing of this blade
  25. Your forging skills are definitely off the hook Jiri. Thanks for showing. One day I´ll own one I hope!
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