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  1. Thanks for your kind words.


    Constructions vary - full tang knives are mostly with peened pins ( real rivets) and glued underneath,

    hidden tang knives are either just glued in, or in some cases I have the tang going through the handle and screwed / riveted with the buttcap...


    Hope this answers your question, hardingknives.

  2. Hello fellow bladesmiths and friends of sharp´n´pointy things,( even baldes)


    I do have to admit I´ve been lurking and watching a lot in the last two years without contributing.

    Just some kind of lazyness I guess :)


    To make up for it I thought I´d show you some of the knives I have done and not shown yet - pictures without any logical or time-related order.


    I hope you do enjoy those....




































  3. ...


    Peter I look forward to sitting around a fire with you and discussing the past present and future .





    If you see any chance to let me now 48hrs before this happens, tell me and I´ll hijack a plane - would love to be there too !

  4. Owen, you Sir, are taking early medieval blades to a new level :blink:

    I don´t have the slightest idea how many hours an english day has, but must be some more than here!


    I can´t even decide which I like best.... I quess the one on top wins by quite a narrow margin :o

  5. I saw the title

    clicked the button


    and had to cry out loud some real .... well, not quotable words.


    This is so darn cool. I am very happy to get to see something new from you - and it´s especially nice to see the master gets inspiration from his followers :)


    Thanks for showing Don. It´s so wicked it seems cute again...





  6. Wow! Theoretical part was known, but to see the blade warp that much - gives me the shivers :)

    I guess Doug is right - 25% seems just a fair amount of failure.... I can imagine my 99,7% of blades going to hell in that water tank :)


    Thanks for posting chum!



  7. Well Bryan, thanks for showing :)

    This is a hell of a chopper, I am absolutely sure. And the stag is really nice!

    I do love Daniels knives, they are one-of-a-kind, all of them.



    The steel is W2 by the way ( I know cause I sent it :) ).

  8. Are those strips of rattan that run parallel to the blade just laying there - being held by the windings around the handle?


    - oh yea, what is the name of the book that is from?



    Hello Greg,

    you´re right, the additional strips on top and below are just held there by the windings.

    The book´s name I don´t recall, and I don´t own it. It´s about baskets and basketry, so not too much knife-related material in there.


    Tonu, thanks for your kind words.

    I hope all is fine with you, your family and your workshop!

  9. Thanks for the kind words, fellas.

    It was fun to make, and I have some more rattan-wrapped plans for the future.

    Kurt, the handle is not really slim - like on a large hunting knife I´d say. And the structure of the wrapping helps getting a tight grip on it.

    Greg, I will try to get some pics of the drawings in a book which explain how it works ( it´s rather simple, to be honest).

    And of course I tested the blade before finishing it - I went to the local woods and cleaned the undergrowth a bit. Hell of a cutter, thats for sure.

    Herb, I can´t wait to see your take on the jungles sweets :)


    Again, thanks all!

  10. Hello fellow bladesmiths and friends of the cutting edges!


    It´s been ages since I posted something here -

    but since the inspiration to this piece has been drawn from this board, I thought it were just fair to show it to you.


    Borneo Wilderness

    Made from spring steel, blade is approx. 20 inches

    Handle bog-oak wrapped with rattan approx 12 inches long

    Sheath is bog-oak with rattan, too



    Uli Hennicke for heat treat ( my oven is to small)

    Daniel Schenk for wrapping the handle


    DON FOGG / JIMMY FIKES for inspiration - I´ve seen JD Smiths Jungle Honey and had to build something like this.

    Thanks a lot, Sirs.


    Enjoy the pics, as I enjoyed the testing of this blade :)








  11. Hello lamey -


    sorry for pullin this one up again. Been looking for some inspiration and wondered - OAL 32``? Is this true? And 16´´ handle? Can´t be, can it?

    Cause if this bugger IS 32´´ long.... then I do have to remake the picture I had in mind of this blade.


    Would be nice if you could verify the specs!


    Thanks in advance, and as I said before.... Incredible piece. The "simpleness" in construction and the elegance in lines are just overwhelming.


    Best wishes



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