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  1. Hello lamey - sorry for pullin this one up again. Been looking for some inspiration and wondered - OAL 32``? Is this true? And 16´´ handle? Can´t be, can it? Cause if this bugger IS 32´´ long.... then I do have to remake the picture I had in mind of this blade. Would be nice if you could verify the specs! Thanks in advance, and as I said before.... Incredible piece. The "simpleness" in construction and the elegance in lines are just overwhelming. Best wishes Mat
  2. Absolute Hotness! Wonderful Design perfectly plain executed. Whoa!
  3. This is drop dead gorgeous!!! The blade is wonderful, and the handle and sheath do her justice. Thanks for showing, Mat
  4. Wonderful Sam! I am looking forward to the blades you hammer out there. Now all you need is a finishing section Mat
  5. Spring? It´s autumn over here ( and friggin cold by the way) Wonderful spring you got there, too beautiful to make choppers from it in my opinion.
  6. Chris, you are going to be a great knifemaker. I wish you a happy future with your fiancée. Keep up rockin´!
  7. Hey Chris, looking very good so far! You might want to check this out: http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/ Tons of information for carving etc etc. Mat
  8. Richard, I just wanted to show my respect for your way of energy-neutral living. If more people would use solar energy, maybe our grandchildren could live on this planet :/ It is my deepest fear that we are destroying anything which keeps us alive. Thanks for showing!
  9. Hello Toni, I don´t know why noone responds, but.... i like it a lot. It is awfully well executed, and the combination full/hidden tang really seems a good choice. I´ve seen some knives done this way from a german knifemaker before, and I like this. Lines do work as well, nice job! Mat
  10. Hello Tonu, it is a pity and a shame this years´ Sicac has to exist without you and your knives. You just ruined my day I´ll send you an email this evening. Mat
  11. Hello Tonu, you really have the talent to make your work smaller than it is. But the pictures are telling the truth I am looking forward to seeing you in Paris in ten days. Hope your wife comes along? Keep rocking, friend!!! Mat
  12. Dave, classical design well executed. The finish is real clean. I like it if knives are so.... demure? Mat
  13. Don, I love your large knives. Elegant, yet wicked - wicked, yet friendly to the eye. I really look forward to handling one of those one day. The ivory is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for showing! Mat
  14. I guess that is what I wanted my knives to look like. Wonderfully done! Awfully good job on the lines !!! Mat
  15. "Bloody brillant" puts it right. Looking forward for more Mat
  16. A wonderful sword / machete you made there! And it does look like a wicked cutter. W2, hmm? This is gonne be real sharp! Thanks for showing! Mat edit -UHHH! I am deeply honoured to have given inspiration for the butt cap! Had to laugh out loud upon seeing the butt of my " Black Bird" on the makings page.
  17. Hello Tonu, wonderful knife, I love your facets Nice to see something out of your workshop again. I hope to see you again soon! Greetings from SW-Germany Mat
  18. Funkey Funkey. Me like! Slick slim and slender, and a wonderful guard. It is kind of.... hansonesque, and thats a compliment Love your style, Ray.
  19. Uhm, I just keep coming back and looking again and again.... So I´ll just tell you again: This is friggin beautiful. The blade´s shape is gorgeous!!!! Mat ( who´ll be comin´ back and back and...)
  20. Uh, Sam I can´t believe it. You finished a sword?!? AND it´s lookin´gooood. Now you have totally left the non-finishers club I guess. Keep on rockin´!!!! Mat
  21. Jake, I love your swords. It is a pleasure to see how you move from early medieval to high medieval. If you need a glove.... I could lend you mine for ceremony´s sake )) And if there´s a museum involved the better. Thanks for showing! And.... make some more, will´ya? Mat
  22. Hello Chris. You do yourself honor to ask before completion. So I will tell you MY opinion. Use the gas burner ( torch?) and heat the guard´s ends very carefully ( one at a time ). When they are well heated, take a tong and start bending the end towards the blade ( back-side) and towards the pommel ( edge-side), thus shaping it to a slight S-form. If you are REAL brave, you might even forge the ends a bit, trying to make them a bit longer. I guess it would really suit this - real elegant - knife a lot. Best regards, and nice work so far!!! Mat
  23. Glad you like it, guys. I made the sheath yesterday and will have a few pics up tonight. Adlai, I have been worrying about grease and fat too. So I sealed the sinew off with glue. Still, the owner will have to get accustomed to cleaning it thoroughly, thats for sure. Be back on you guys later, Mat
  24. Wonderful shape on this one, David. I especially like how you shaped the hilt. For my taste the tip could have been a bit more pointed, but thats just my love for scary tips Keep it up! And keep showing what you come up with over the summer! Mat
  25. This is awesome! And considering your age, and when you started putting your shop up.... this is stunning. You make great progress, and I am really looking forward to your next blades. Have a nice and productive summer over there, Mat
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