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  1. Hello Marco. These blades were the first i ever quenched in water - interrupted quench, after eight secs I went to oil The blades are sanded to 2000 grit, then polished. Mat
  2. Hello everyone. I wanted to show two knives I made for a german forum. Both are forged from 1075, clay hardenend. One has a desert ironwood handle, the other is giraffe bone. Hope you enjoy the pics! Mat
  3. Peter, that does look like a hell of a ride. Wish I could drive those ( and had one like yours ) Sam, go get her and show us !!! Mat
  4. I am sorry, Don. Somehow I just have forgotten it´s around 50k - had 80k in mind. I will resize the pics of the last knives. When I get the image options back, that is. From now on I´ll remember. Forgive me. Mat edit: Don, I resized the pics. Sorry again.
  5. Well, finally got the sheath done. One of the nicest packages I have done so far. Thought I´d share with you ;-) Greetings, Mat SORRY, can´t add pics??? Somehow the button is missing... *confused*
  6. Thanks for your kind words, fellas. Adlai - I love sea cow rips. They are very dense, very hard and have some interesting varieties of colour. And to work with they are fine too - easy drilling, sanding etc. My best liked handle material. Mat
  7. Hello folks. This blade is forged from W2, clayhardened. Fittings are damascus, handle is Steller´s seacow ripbone. Overall length is 9 1/2 inch. Thanks for looking, Mat
  8. Hello again. This sword was a customers order. It is a Ginunting, a sword widely spread in the philipines. Forged from springsteel, mounts are copper and steel, handle is ebony. Overall length about 25 inch. Thanks for looking, Mat Edit: resized the pics
  9. Absolutely lovely piece imho. What Uli didn´t say, and what one doesn´t see from the pics is the overall length of nearly 17 inch :-) I´d love cleaning out the garden with this thing. Mat
  10. Besides being sorry to hear - The Blalde´s shape is one of the nicest I´ve seen for choppers. Thanks for sharing and have a good move. Mat
  11. Today is the day for quenching. I am sorry, but I didn´t have time to get pics of the cleaned up blade - will show here while hardening tonight. I have the luck to use the salt-tank of a colleague living some 200kms away from here. Please wish me luck, folks, I am as nervous as can be.... First time I harden something THAT long. Mat
  12. Walter, allow ma a question - Did you quench her in water, oil, or both? Because the blade doesn´t seem to have curved while quenching? Thanks in advance Mat
  13. Well, Don, not my favourite knife I have seen done by you, but still outstanding. And that handle IS a marvellous piece. The hamon is truly unusual. Nicely done! Mat
  14. Darn lovely piece, Walter. Every time you show something I do know it´s gonna be outstanding, even before I see it. And you never disappointed me :-) Whish my hamons were that lively. Love the speckles on the spine of the blade. Great work! Mat
  15. Hello Folks. Bere is the " Bad Luck Elk" - one scale broke while setting the rivets. Blade forged from 1075, selectively hardened Scales are elk leg bone Rivets copper Sheath fine leather, coloured and waxed The customer likes it anyway, and is happy he can afford a handmade knife - I let him have it for little money. Thanks for taking a look! Mat
  16. Well, did the rough grinding today. Weight is now 840 gramms. YTomorrow I´ll do the fine grinding, and work the ridges out. Greets! Mat
  17. Thanks. Just had a hell of a time grinding. The fuller nearly caused me nervous breakdowns. Now I need a rest, then I´m gonna grind a bit more.... Hope she stays straight while normalizing once again ( in the fire). Gonna be a featherweight. Hope to get you some pics tonight. Mat
  18. Thanks for the positive comments guys! Indeed, Robert, thats been something I longed for a LONG time. In fact, making swords was one of the things that got m into the apprenticeship with Uli. Still a long way to reach his level, but - I´m a lot younger :-p I´ll keep you informed. hope it will not go wrong somewhere! Mat
  19. Hello Folks. Forged this blade today - I have been eager for this all my life, and today I woke up knowing this is the day. Blade forged from 2´ 5160. No grinding done so far - weight is 1100grams, length 30´, 2 1/4´wide at the widest, thickness from 1/4´to 1/8´inch. I´ll keep you informed Mat
  20. Glad you like it. I hope to have the english texts up and running this weekend. Please stop by again. mat
  21. Well, welcome to the forum! For your first forged blade it DOES look very good, in my opinion. And I am sure it will chop well enough. keep ´em coming! Mat
  22. Truly a nice hawk, and the shaft IS an eye catcher. Thanks for explaining the finish! Mat
  23. The mouth is just pushed on. It is very firm and can only be removed with considerable force. Should be enough, and if not I´m gonna glue it. Mat
  24. Hello Everyone. My Homepage is finally online. So if you like, take a look: www.mareschmesser.de Unfortunately it will take some more weeks till it´s available in English. Sorry for that, we are working on it. The navigation is a bit tricky - but I am sure you will find out. A little hint: White stripes are the way... There will be some more features to come - like description to the knives , as well as a distinction between "sold" and "available". Have a nice day everywhere! Mat
  25. Hello Everybody! This one has been made by request of a good customer: Blade forged from 1075, selectively hardened Fittings Sambar Sheath leather with bronze mouth Overall length approx 9 inch Hope you enjoy it! Best Regards, Mat
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