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  1. Hello Jake. Wonderful, as always. Top Notch again. Marvellous. Gorgeous. I will soon run out of superlatives, so I just pull my hat and say continue what you do, it´s always a pleasure looking at your pieces. Thanks for showing! Mat
  2. Hello Tönu. Very nice, I am quite fond of silver habaki´s - and the sweep starting at the tip and continuing in the handle is most sweet. looks very dangerous, and well, there seems to be a use for this knife - even if it´s not as peaceful as chopping potatoes ;-) Do you study metal artistry? The dramings underneath look quite like some we did in school... I´d show it if you want, although I don´t want to hijack your thread. Lovely work! Mat
  3. Hello again. The sheath is done, the knife is in use by its owner. I wanted to show the sheath, even if the pics are fast done and not too good. But kinda completes the package. Thanks for your nice words, muuuuch appreciated! Mat
  4. Well, I seem to be a bit late for the party... But I won´t let you go without telling you my opinion: Dang, all´s been said already. Marvellous. Outstanding. Toppest Notch. Well deserved. Nice example for all of us. Can´t wait to see more of your stuff. PLEEEEASE continue your humble work, humbling me every time you show some of it. Thanks! Mat
  5. The JS seems more´n well deserved to me - even if I don´t know the regulations, I´d say they had a hard time looking for things not well done. Superb fit and finish, nice flow in every single one of them - my deepest respect, outstanding work. And Coop did a fine job, too. Now, time to get the Mastersmith degree, huh? Mat
  6. Right you are, Jake. Heated all to subtle red, then heated the edge to hardening temp. Thanks guys, these are the things I love to hear, gives energy for the next ones ;-) Mat
  7. Just finished this one. Blade is forged from springsteel, fittings wire damascus, handle a truly big piece of sambar. Blade length 8´, 1/4´thick, aplle-seed ground. Handle length 5,5´. Last pics show a piece of mild steel I raped with the tests. Sorry for that, mild steel. Enjoy, and have a nice day wherever you are - Mat
  8. Heya Jake. lovely contrast between the archaic sheath and the modern (futuristic?) knife. Would love to see the surfaces in natural, sounds great. Nice work! Mat
  9. Thank you a lot, folks. Nice to see I am not the only one who likes it... Might become mine, true - but always there IS a pressur eto get money in ;-) Mat
  10. "now that is a great blade..... what a beautiful piece !! its too nice to sell.." yup, thats what my thoughts are saying right now :-)))
  11. Heya Everyone. Just finished this knife. It´s the first time I don´t find a single anything which isn´t as it should be. Well, I could go on droolin´and drabblin´ for ages, but here are the facts: Blade forged from 256 layers ( various tool steels), 5 2/3´ long and 1/3´ thick Damascus fitting Walrus ivory handle in grown shape, little under 5´ long Ahhh, I am in love Greetings! Mat edit: I have deleted the old pictures due to Don´s regulations. Sheath is finished - hope you enjoy the pics :-)
  12. Hello everybody. After selling this knife I finally had to complete the sheath. The belt-fastening-device ( dunno how to call it in English, any idea?) is forged from 1060 and Nickel, then polished and deeply etched. Sorry for the lousy pics ;-) Have a nice forging and grinding everywhere! Mat
  13. Truly deserved, I´d say - congratulations, Mr. Hanson! Mat
  14. Hello. The steel I was given by a colleague - don´t really know where he got it from... The blade is chemically blued, the scales are just oiled, natural colour. I tried to leave as much of the natural "outer" surface of the bone. Greets! Mat
  15. Hello. This blade was forged of jap. "Blue Paper Steel" and has scales of Giraffe bone. Scales are riveted with copper pins. Blade length is 5 inch, handle length is 4 inch. Blade is bit less then 1/8 inch. Have a nice sunday wherever you are! Mathias Maresch
  16. Weeeeell, I guess there ain´t two members here who wouldn´t love to have such a piece over their doorway. Great Work, Jake. Have a creative summer over there! Mat
  17. I have always been admiring your work, Mr. Hanson ( nay, I won´t use `Don`), and I have always been a great fan of Anders Hogstrom. Now you two bloody gods of knifemaking start cooperations??????? I need a new job, I guess. LOL. ( Sorry for that `bloody` up there - seems the right word to me) This is a real sweet fighter chopper Bad-Guys-From-Live-to-Death-Transmitter, or whatever you call it. I love it. The shimmering edge looks quite magical. And Anders´s fitting is beautiful. Thanks for humbling us ;-) Mat
  18. Hello Antonio, Hello Mr. Abrera. I keep browsing the site of the "History of Steel in Asia", as I do find it so very inspirational too. You did outstanding work there, Mr. Cejunior. And this Pira does look real good. Especially to see the steps in the making is very interesting. I believe that by studying native works one can (eventually) learn very much about "souls" of blades. One of my top favourite knifemakers is Daniel Jeremiah Boll, born here in Germany, living in Thailand for some years now. He has found the perfect mixture between european techniques and asian designs in my opinion. You might want to check out his website ( only german, sorry, but pics speak for themselves): www.messerboll.de Thanks for showing, Antonio and Mr Abrera! Greetings from Germany, Mat
  19. The Boggy Oak was given to me by a friend, I have to admit I don´t have a clue where it was found... But I guess if you contact your handle material dealers over there, you *should* be able to get some.... Thanks for the nice words again! Mat
  20. .... and definitely no cure found yet :-) MM
  21. Beautiful finish on a beautiful blade. Looks Ginunting-like to me! Nice work, thanks for showing Mat
  22. Thanks for your kind words. It is always nice to have you guys commenting :-) Mat
  23. thanks jake :-) much appreciated
  24. Hello Everybody! It´s been a while, so.... have a glimpse, if you like. Blade forged from a huge cable, 1,5`` diameter Fitting wrought iron Handle Bog Oak, brown in colour, not black Sheath waxed and coloured saddle leather Hope you enjoy it! greetings from the Old World ( with old material and new knives) Mat
  25. John, it is a pleasure to have followed your shown works here - you are improving really fast. I like it. Mat
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