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  1. Well, It WOULD be worth being displayes in a museum, I guess... Lovely Job, Mr. Hennicke. Darn sexy set. CU in SG! MM
  2. Jake, another top-notch sword from your hands. Thanks for showing! Mat
  3. Hello Fellas. Wow, lots of questions here ;-) The Bone is totally dense and hard, like marble. There is no problem at all which needed to be solved by stabilizing. The colour is natural. And it was oval in its natural state, length as seen, but a bit wider in all dimensions. The blade is blackened with Gun Blue. And the bone is not really fossil, but as the steller´s seacow is extinct since 140years, it can´t be too fresh. And I don´t really know where the poor beast lived. Thanks for the kind words, everyone - much appreciated. Greetings!!!! Mat
  4. Hello everybody. It´s about time I´d contribute something - This blade is forged from 1.3505 (german Steel index), 4 1/8 `` long, 1/8`` thick Fittings are wrought iron, deeply etched Handle made from Steller´s Seacow´s ripbone - gorgeous stuff! - 4,5`` long (with fittings) The blade goes through and through and is riveted with the cap. Have a good time whereever you are - Greetings Mat
  5. Jake, you are the master of early european swords for me. Any Viking chieftain would be proud as hell had he had such a marvellous weapon. This is what I call top notch of the top notches. Thanks for showing, and making me feel so tiny. When I see your work, I do actually appreciate feeling tiny. I wish you the best for the finishing part! Mat
  6. Wonderful show, thank you for showing. This is outstanding work I think - and I have to admire your patience! Keep on rockin´ ! Mat
  7. Thanks for the kind words! Especially happy about Don´s comment I am. You´re one of the BIG Ideals for me. Fittings are blackened with Gun Blue, right! Well, as about the steel - I have to admit I dunno really. Thought it were 5160, tried the stuff some months ago, and found out it made nice blades, and is suited for temper lines. Thats when I been wondering about which steel this might be... So I sent mail to John Deere, but they never answered. This blade is clay hardened, and it´s nice stuff.... Guess it has about 0.8% Carbon. More I don´t know about.... Greets, Mat
  8. Hello Folks. I´m happy to show my latest knife - thank you, Don Fogg, for providing the webspace :-))) Blade is forged from John Deere Aisle Handle is Giraff Bone and tool steel. Overall length is about 12 inch. Thanks for looking! Regards, Mat
  9. Hello Fellow Knifemakers and Friends of the Blade. I just finished this one - Blade forged from high carbon steel, german number is 1.2519, blade length is 112mm, 4mm thick Handle Ebony, 125mm long Fittings Damascus The tang goes completely trough the handle and is "riveted" with the cap. Thanks for looking! Mat Maresch www.mareschmesser.de ( in a weeks time online, I pray)
  10. And again - Blade 4500 layers, Fittings Silver and Chainsawdamascus Handle Black Ebony Greets! Mat
  11. Hello Fellows. I wanna show you a knife I have done recently - Blade 700 Layers Damascus, Fittings Silver and Nickeldamascus Handle Royal White Ebony Hope you like it! MERRY XMAS EVERYONE! Mat
  12. Well, Mister. Thats a neat straight "back to basic" knife. I like it a lot. Happy XMAS everyone and everywhere! Mat
  13. Mr Cejunior - Hell of an exhibition! Thanks for linking the site, and my deepest respect for your work. I wish Macao wasn´t on the other side. Mat
  14. Well then, HAPPY SACRIFICING! Iääääh! Shubb-Niggurah! Iääääh!
  15. This is a beautiful piece, nice lines and the colours DO go along really well. I especially like the bronce spacer, very harmonic and still poppin´out. Well done! You do the sheath yourself? Mat
  16. Jeeesus! (common german outburst for astonishment) This is a nice on, Sir! Even with hamon? Did you temper her with clay? Gorgeous spine, sir. Will you post a pic of her dressed up by the customer? Would deeply appreciate that. Keep it up, man! *Yourockemoticon* Mat
  17. Niiiiiiice blade, Daniel! forging one meter of sanmai blades is definitely top-notch. How thick is the spine? Grüssli, Mathias
  18. Thanks guys - thought it had to be sambar, bought it as such from a big dealer ( who should know better than to sell ordinary stag as sambar). Sandpile - "hate to rain on your friends" - can´t get the meaning of this - could you reformulate this one ? Always learning... Hope you sleep all tight over there! Mat
  19. Hello everybody. This one´s been forged from 1% pure carbon steel, scales are deer (bought it as sambar, but somebody told me he thinks it´s not sambar - anyhow, I like it!). Scales have three rivets of bronze. Pics aren´t too good, I know, but one can see it´s a knife Mat
  20. Well, workin on it - hope it will be online Sunday, the preliminary version at least. But you know how reliable computers are, don´t you? Have two more pics of the sheath - it´s been made by a friend of mine, who is a true Master at sheath-making imho. I do love it. Greetings, Mat
  21. Congratulations on the new shop! May it last longer than the last one! Have a good time back at work, and show what´s coming out. Mat
  22. Thanks everyone - sorry the pics are so lousy, there was no time to get the knife into the photobox before it went to serve it´s new master... Have a nice day! Mat
  23. Mat Maresch


    Hello Tonn - the more habakis I´ve seen, the better I like them. And your´s are always as well done as your knives are. This tanto is incredibly beautiful in my eyes! Thanks for showing Mat
  24. Hello everybody! The Geisha has been forged from 4500 layers, is dressed in Ivory, Silver and Chainsawdamascus. She is sharp on both sides and her tang is going through and through. Sheath made by David Hölter, a friend of mine - poutingleather, wood and ivory. Sorry for the lousy pics, she´s been sold and I didn´t have the time to get decent ones... Have a nice day everybody! Mat
  25. Helly everybody. The inspiring pics of hamons here have had a lot of influence - here my first decent one: Blade is John Deere axle drive shaft ( is this 5160, or am I wrong?) quenched in oil Handle is Amboina Thanks everyone for making me clayhardening - this is SOOOO much fun!!!!! Mat
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