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  1. This is a blade i made recently. Core is O2, Sides are, well - wrought iron, what else... Fittings wrought iron, too. Mat
  2. Thanks for showing your way- and deepest respect for stockremovaling with the files.... Would you mind showing the clay-covered blade? I´m trying myself in clayhardening these days, and I´m really curious about how other knifemakers do it... Greetings from Germany, Mat
  3. Ahh... Hell of a blade, man! Fine piece of work! Mat
  4. Hello folks! Just finished this one - Blade forged of JohnDeere - steel (how do you call the round stock which is rotating to power the tools?) Fitting is chainsaw-damascus Handle is desert-ironwood Pics are not too good - will make better ones when the sheath is finished. Comments welcome as usual... Greetings Mat
  5. Thanks for the nice comments guys *ashamed* - damascus forged from carbon steels with .45 % C and 1 % C and spring steel. should have something about .75 % C now. photos done in a home-made photo box, yes. It´s still very rudimentary, low-cost-thing. Will improve it bit for bit. Have a nice autumn over there! (And a nice spring down there - as there are more and more Argentinos around - Proxima vez que vengo a B.A. tenemos que encontrar, chicos!). Mat
  6. Jesus, congratiolations to the smelt! I wish you the best for the steps to come - beautiful story! Thanks for showing - Mat
  7. Hello everybody. I want to show my latest knife - Blade is 130mm of 600 layers Handle is Grenadil (wood) with walrus-ebony-spacer Fittings chainsawdamascus Sheath saddleleather, coloured and waxed. I´m playing around with the pictures yet - comments are welcome ;-) Thanks for looking! Mat
  8. "These pics aren't great, no fancy lighting just an old olympus 3mega pixle camera nd my kitchen lights. " Hey Karl. I´m quite interested in this topic, and would have liked to follow your progress - but, *sorry* this pics are crap. Can´t you do them anew and try to get no reflections on the blade? I can´t see any difference between the first and the last picture.... I would really appreciate better photos... Thanks in advance, Mat
  9. Well Mr. Hanson, if you continue working this way you will definitively have a place in Knifemaker´s Heaven. Want to become a Legend, don´t you? I love it, have a name for it already? Spontaneously thought it´s a "Soulhunter"... Mine it has captured already. The "upper line" is fantastic, how it´s flowing from tip to end! Kind of pirate-bowie, isn´t it? Great Work! [Welcome home, Daniel!] Greetings from Germany! Mat
  10. Damn lucky I wasn´t born a stock-removal-guy... I love the sparks when welding, especially when they find their way into the boots or gloves Had the honor today as I was welding chainsaw-chains. Lots of flying stuff involved Nice pic man! looks kind of starwarsish to me. Greets Mat
  11. Sweeeet! If you gonna show the first blade you forged on it, I´ll be really impressed ;-} Mat
  12. *Whistle*.... well that´s something new, isn´t it?!? great job sir! Wouldn´t have the patience nor the skill... :35: :35: Mat
  13. Well, jealousy allowed: Yesterday I´ve been in Sindelfingen (ugly place south of Stuttgart, Germany). Weather´s been fine. It´s been the annual exhibition of the "German-Knifemakers-Guild". Lots of knives, not too many visitors ( should have been more I guess). Knives from Cyrus (also here in the forum) and some guy called Uli Hennicke. Had some knives which were worth having a closer look. He was accompanied by a kind of gaelic looking Canadian guy - you might have heard from him, Jake Pownings´the name. Always smoking a pipe, you happen to know him? Finally Jake started unwrapping a long, fat bundle of cloth - and what came out, want to guess? EXTRAORDINARY ! ASTOUNDING ! AWEINSPIRING ! ONE- OF- A- KIND- ITEM ! I´ve benn touchin´carrressin´rapin ´it with my eyes for some time, then I started touchin´with fingertips, and finally took the pieces into them unworthy clumsy hands of mine. It´s an evil thing in my opinion, you should know. I instantly wanted to start butcherin murderin slayin pillagin and rapin. If the norse guys in the middle-ages had stuff like that, I can just perfectly understand why they started this viking-stuff... A sword like this one has to work, no matter how bad it´s for the karma. UlJake was not a guy to have a round of cards with, I´m sure of that. Exactly the opposite, I guess. Well, this was the emotional part. Let´s proceed to the "I do knives too, you know"-part: The blades are of a very dense, wild damascus. The layers get "tighter" in regular intervals, do the reflection of the light makes the blade "humming" or something, can´t get the right words, sorry. The finish on the blades is fair enough, deeply etched and they do have an ancient or antique look. They are straight as they should be, sharp as they can get and have the curves in the right places - as women should... but seldom are that curvy and slender in the same place The fittings are gorgeous! Jake made a hell of a job there, they sit very tight and are in that precise unprecision, which many artist don´t accomplish - wanna say they do have quite a lot of life, one can see they weren´t done by a machine, but rather by a living man. The carvings are fine and deeply cut, with an occassional unregularity which has the effect I tried to explain above. They never break the outline of the whole thing, just touch the corners - they don´t want to be the main thing, but are just improving the overall-looks. The birds (swans I guess) have a expression on their face, telling you they don´t want to go pillaging, but well, they could have a worse job... The handles fill my hands exactly where they should, and are comfortable as hell. Especially the swordgrip makes you want to use it. And then - it´s a very light thing - I guess the sword doesn´t have a thousand grams - and is fast as hell in the right (UlJakes) hands. Well, I could go on for hours drooling and talking gibberish and tellin´you how DARN SEXY this thing is. It´s a real "WANNA HAVE IT MOMMMMYYYY" - Thing to me - unfortunately I can´t afford and it´s sold already... :35: Jake: My deepest respect to your art - I guess there are not many if any people out there who can compete with your skill... I would have loved to spend more time with you, maybe havin´a pint and smoking a pipe... hope you had a safe and comfortable trip home! And hope even more to see you soon again. Uli: Thanks for showing - see you soon enough I hope! My deepest respect, Master. :notworthy: Well, all in all it´s :You_Rock_Emoticon: :notworthy: :35: I had to drive 250kms one way - and would drive even more. It´d been more than worth it. See you all soon on the forum, folks. Pics are coming soon, I´m sure - but thats the privilege of the makers...
  14. Well folks.... Thanks a lot for your comments concerning the knife and my future - your (best) wishes are very welcome... Mac- if hair´s the price I´m willing to pay Jacques - ...always dreamin´ and livin´ and livin´ and dreamin´ Bob - my comment to th Uljake tomorrow, when I´lll have had time to formulate what I´ve seen See you all soon when i´m sober again Mat
  15. Hello Folks! I finally have my own workshop and have registered my business... From now on I am a selfemployed full-time knifemaker. Hope I will earn enough to make a living out of it... Since six weeks I am a "Metallbaumeister" - this is something typically German, so I´ll try to describe: In Germany the crafts are regulated since the middle-ages, as you might know. So if you want to open your own business, you have got to get the master-degree. If you have that title, you are allowed to a) open your own workshop get yourself an apprentice and c) call yourself Master. The craft I made my master in is the only one that survived all those reforms about crafts, which has something to do with hot-working metal - it´s something as "Metal-constructions-engineer". You can´t anymore get your masters-degree in forging. So this is the only way to go. So finally I made it - and was so darn lucky to rent a fully equipped workshop in my home-city Staufen (this is in the south-west of Germany, the place where W. Goethes "Faust" is playing). It´s a lovely OLD town, approx. 15000 people living there, with old city core, and a small castle overlooking it, dating from the 11th century. G****e Earth: "79219 Staufen, germany" And today I want to show you the first knife I completed in this workshop - the ones you´ve seen before were made in Uli Hennicke´s workshop, where I learned the craft for about four years. (THANKS TO ULI FOR HAVING PATIENCE WITH ME AND MAKING A BLADESMITH OF ME - :You_Rock_Emoticon: :You_Rock_Emoticon: :You_Rock_Emoticon: ) All praise Uli. Tomorrow I´ll see the Uljake, already totally struck with awe... Looking forward to meet Jake, whose work always is a fountain of inspiration! (As is the work of a lot of you guys.... :You_Rock_Emoticon: also!) well, told enough gibberish - here´s the knife: Blade forged in three layers, core is O2, sides are very old wrought iron, 115mm long, 3.6mm thick Fittings same old wrought iron Handle very old (fossil) "Mr. Walrus´ best piece" - Oosik, length is 110mms Hope you like it - had a hell of fun making this one. I´m still working at my photo-skills, so excuse if they are not perfect DON : Thanks for the forum -I love it! All the rest: :You_Rock_Emoticon: CU Mat
  16. Yeah man! :35: This is darn cool. Shows that you got the feeling for the material. The face has a nice expression, a real "fire horse"... I like it a lot. Keep up the art! Mat
  17. Well, Mr. Hanson, this is defintely a nice temper line. And the part of the blade I can see is quite promising! Canßt wait to see the rest. Thanks for sharing! Mat
  18. My deepest respect! If there´s more out there of your kind, I need not worry about todays´ youth... Well done, continue doing blades, and you gonna have a BIG career! Just 16.... well, guys, we gotta be careful, otherwise he´s gonna make us all unemployed.... Nice blade! and welcome to the "finest-of-all-forums" imho. Mat
  19. Anyone got a job for me in a postal office or something? This is top of the top guys. Thanks for sharing
  20. Hello Mr. Hanson, material - form - finish - heat treatment - as they should be done... :35: Thanks for showing, I love it! Mat
  21. Jeeeeeesus this is beautiful. Truly ART, Jake.... Finest work I´ve seen in along time. Those birds are gorgeous! ! ! ! ! Thanks for showing. MM
  22. Wow! Sleek and slender as it gets... Hell of a knife! Love it, I really do.... Mat
  23. If we had to choose a king I´d vote for you, Don... Thanks for impressing me every time you show some work of yours... Greetings from Germany! Mat
  24. Hello Harm. Welcome to this !finest-of-all-Forums" in my opinion... Even if this kind of knives aren´t the ones I favourize, I have to tellýa it´s got a lovely finish, and the fittings DO look quite well... Greetings from Germany, Mat
  25. Oh goodness... After being offline quite some time I had a look at Uljake as fast I got back online - The blades I have had in my fingers in Uli´s workshop, the bog oak too - And now seeing what´s comin´out of it , I am more than impressed! REAL NICE JOB, Jake ! ! ! :You_Rock_Emoticon: Can´t wait to see the ensemble finished.... Keep up the good work, guys! :35: :35: :35:
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