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  1. Thanks for your comments, guys. You are right, continuing the pattern on the sheath in any way would have benn even cooler. Unfortunately, the sheath was finished as I brought the knife to the caver (harhar). Jake, I know you didn´t invent knotwork carving, but it IS your style, and I wanted to honestly tell I can see what one might be thinking when loking at the handle. Last sentence is the result of germans writing english I do LOVE your language, by the way. Have a nice weekend everybody - and my deepest jealousy to the ones of you who have time to go into the workshops.... See you soon Mat
  2. Hello everybody. Some weeks ago I brought this knife to a friend, asking him if he could cartve anythig "nice" into the handle... That´s what came out of it. If I were not sure he had NEVER even heard of Jake Powning, I´d say he took some inspiration from him :-) But I AM totally sure he didn´t see any of Jakes work, and so it´s just a coincidence. A coincidence I´m more than happy about. Look and enjoy, I think it´s become a real beauty through the carving... The owner who´s bought it (quite on the spot) thinks the same. Look, enjoy and tell me what you think about it. Take care everybody, strange times, strange times... Mat Maresch
  3. Thanks for showing... I love her! :You_Rock_Emoticon: :You_Rock_Emoticon: :You_Rock_Emoticon: Mat
  4. Hello Ray cute knife - and bamboo looks gorgeous, never seen it before - Hope it holds its form! Mat
  5. Hmmm... ONly me who can´t see the pics? If it´s the one on your homepage under New/Available, I LIKE IT!! Mat
  6. thanks Antoine, this is very kind of you ....
  7. And the third and last post for today: Blade one per cent carbon steel, Fitting Nickeldamascus, Handle Oosik in rare colour. Mat
  8. Hello again. Today i want to show you a knife forged of what you´d call 1100 I guess - simple carbon steel with approx. one per cent carbon. Bolsters are steel, handle Bone of an arentinian cow. Hope you like it! Greetings of the land where spring has finally arrived, Mat
  9. Hello over ther. Here are some pics of the (just finished) sheath. I rally like it. Have a good time! Mat
  10. Thanks everybody. Richard, thank you for the tip, I will try it the next time I do a knife with butt and cap (that the way to call it?). Have a nice day everybody... MM
  11. Jesus... Looks like a hell of a session! One could easily get jealous seeing that! ... flying to Canada for sword-forging... tsss. Cool mates, I hope you enjoy (ed) it as much as it seems. Uli guten Flug wünscht Dir (sorry folks, this is german, but not really important to you ) Mathias :You_Rock_Emoticon:
  12. Yeah, Daniel, this one rocks. Trés gentille, as the french say. Nice flowing outlines! Mat
  13. Hello again. Today I want to show another piece I finished in the past months... It´s been quite a mess to get the fittings on the handle, as the middle- and endcap are not solid material but "rings" with a "lid"... and as the handle is a bit carved, it´s been a fuss getting the mokume fit smoothly... Blade is 300Layers, HANDforged, without powerhammer (good for reminding one how easy it is done with a Powerhammer) Fittings copper and mokume handle is Oosik Length overall 21cm or approx. 8.3 inches. Thanks for looking, comments are welcome. Mat Maresch
  14. Thanks for your comments. I´m happy you like it, as I do like it too. And this is not always the case with my knives... Mat
  15. Nice clean kitchen-lines they have! Must be fun working with these. I like it a lot, ebony and silver and damascus go really well together... Thanks for showing! Mat
  16. Hello Don this is marvellous!!! :notworthy: I really like that, tsuba looks wonderful... ... and the rest also... Thanks for showing! (an humiliated) Mat there just came the new pics - stop showing, it starts to hurt !!! :You_Rock_Emoticon:
  17. ... I think it still so amazing using the Web, showing my work in America, while sitting in the far away "old world" - working on the leather sheath for this knife, now and then looking for replies - well, guys, I send a warm "hope all of you are well" round the globe with the speed of light... Crazy 21st century.
  18. Well, in some books I have about antique arabian blades, there IS a lot of walrus ivory used on the handles... Seems they traded it from far away... And, well, Arabian... Dunno why, but it has a "arabian "touch to me... MM
  19. Helo All. NICE to see the forum is back online - THANKS Don, THANKS Daniel! missed it a lot... My contribution to the relaunch is the following: Blade forged from 120layers damascus Fittings nickel-damascus Spacer walrus ivory Handle Oosik Overall length is 21cm, or approx. 8,3 inches I hope you like it! Again, nice to be online again... Greetings from rainy Germany, Mat Maresch
  20. Hello again. Today I´m gonna show another ´small´ one - Blade is 200 layer Damascus Fittings Nickedamascus Handle Purpleheart / Amaranth Length is about 7 inch. Thanks for looking! Mat
  21. ... means don´t make your hands dirty in some filthy workshops of yours....
  22. Hello again. Thanks for the nice words and compliments! The colour of the blade is not from heat-treatment, but is the result of a special chemical process, we call "brüniert", I don´t know in English - just "blued", I guess. It´s a kind of acid that makes it blue. I like the bluish shapes... Gonna show you a big one tomorrow, also blued in the same way. The loop on the scabbard is supposed to be a "multiple-choice-carry-device"™. You can fasten it wherever you want, or you just put it behind the belt, or, for better security, you put it behind the belt, and the belt THROUGH the loop. Complicated, uh? Yeah, Ronin, I´m in Germany, southern part... Marcus is right, still tryin´not to lose the grip on my nerves while making the German Master in SteelConstruction, and the international welding specialist. To be allaowed to open a workshop in Germany, and to take apprentices, you have to get this qualification. It IS in fact a remnant of the Middle-Ages, slightly modified in the annoying parts, and completely dissolved in ther interesting parts... It´s mostly about laws, regulations, which screws for which parts, lot of DIN EN ISO and stuff... Mostly theorerical, five hours practical stuff in the week. So every free minute I try to get in Uli´s Workshop, to make something reasonable sharp - like KNIVES KNIVES KNIVES See you tomorrow, guys, stay clean Mat
  23. Hello everybody. It´s been quite a while since I´ve showed anything, and I´ll restart with a small one... Blade is spring steel Handle is Grenadille Fitting is nickel-damascus Length approx. 6 inches. Thanks for looking and have a nice day, Mat Maresch
  24. Hello folks., Thanks for your appreciation. The blade has a grit 800 finish and is etched in "Fe3Cl", an acid. Iron three chloride or something - Have a good time over there! Mat
  25. Hello everybody. It's been a while since I posted here, and before nobody remembers me, I thought I'd show you this one Blade is forged from spring steel ( the flat and broad an long ones from a truck, you know what I mean?), carefully heat treated and hard as a rock (around 63HRc). Nevertheless it won't break, even if I gave it hard work to do... Handle is wood from the Pyrenees, I couldn't find the correct name in English. (German it's "Buchsbaumholz"). Length is 14.3 inch overall, blade is 8,8 inch long, and 0,15 inch wide. Simple work for simple jobs. It's real fun to chop dry wood with this one Take care! Mat
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