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  1. Thanks Jeff, that was a wonderful read.
  2. Jared T.

    Jared T.

    Hi, I am Jared's brother. He is sorry that he was not able to finish the KITH entry. He moved and does not have access to any knife making equipment or the internet. Sorry for any inconvience, Justin
  3. the ones i have worked with had carbide teeth and an L6 spine. just grind the teeth off until you see the colour of the sparks change from red to yellow.
  4. my Grandfather passed away this morning at 5:03. I was closer to him than I am to my Dad so its like losing a father. We were told that he only had six days to live and that was 8 months ago. He pulled through just so he could see my baby and see me finish collage which was two days ago.
  5. good luck willie, I have my fingers crossed for you.
  6. that looks like a toad to me. beautiful picture what ever it is.
  7. its good to see your work here again and the sheaths kick @$$
  8. hey Don, would it be too much to ask to see what a blade like this looks like clayed up before heat treating.
  9. The forge is going to be made of two soft fire bricks and coated with ITC-100. would a hand held blow torch be able to heat it well enough?
  10. good luck can't wait for the pics
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