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  1. I like that foot switch, cool looking mokume! I'll try to post some pics of 1" cable I pressed down, 1760 layers - I made a squaring die set out of angle 2" X 2" cut down to 3/4" - 1/4" thick, works pretty good. I like your Mr. Masher! That's what everyones calling my press.
  2. Opps! FeCl3 not FeCL, radio shack stuff is FeCL3:6H2O Ferric Chloride hexahydrate. I think thats correct, correct me if its wrong. T. A. Toler
  3. Poor mans ferric chloride recipe, I think : ) read cautions before trying I tried several experiments the other night to come up with homemade Ferric Chloride. I used Muriatic Acid as the starting point, which is basically dilute Hydrochloric Acid. Here is what I finally came up with: Pour about ¾ quart of Muriatic acid (which is hydrochloric acid and water) in a glass quart jar - add about 1 teaspoon - black Iron Oxide FE3O4 - this stuff is about $1.65 per pound at pottery supply houses. Be sure to mix with a glass or plastic stirring implement. Be sure to have proper ventilation. The fum
  4. Thanks for the info and graphics, I like the concept. T.A. Toler
  5. Simple, easy concept - very nice. Could you post some links to the other designs. It would be informative to see the other models. Good job. T.A. Toler
  6. I made the same mistake or came to the same conclusion on my design. In the link that I provided, look at the third graphic down, the frame starts out (about 24" tall) with a two inch square tubing top brace and then the fourth graphic down shows at about 3" or so down I mounted the 1"X2" flat bar stack. This brings the top anvil down to about what you are talking about. However, I am finding that I am using this little jack for a lot more than just pressing billets. If you weld the brace too low it makes it hard to do other things like bending 90 degree angles with dies and such. I wish I ha
  7. Murdock - man that is one nice press, they look much better when made from new materials. Can I have permission to add the pictures of your press to my info page - my mini hydraulic knife forging press? I am documenting my construction so others can see how they are built and work. Might as well show how others have built and improved the design. Very nice job. T. A. Toler
  8. Very clean and efficient. Thanks for the graphic and explanation. T.A. Toler
  9. Nice press - a close up shot of the die holder would be instructive, the dove tail and release. TA Toler
  10. I just came across an intresting webpage showing another version of this style press. It gives well thought out design for the controls. It is here - press controls. I though some of you might be intrested. T. A. Toler
  11. From HF website: 20 ton maximum load capacity; Minimum height: 10-1/4"; Maximum height: 20" with screw extension, 16-1/4" without screw extension; Operating pressure: 90-120 PSI; Ram travel: 6-1/2"; Overall base dimensions: 9"L x 5-3/16"W; Air fitting: 1/4" NPT with quick release; Tool weight: 36 lbs. I used to do mostly powerhouse and refineries, 17 year book, The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers - my book is now on withdrawal. The jack works best if you are pressing on the first few inches of travel- try not to extend i
  12. 2 bars of 1" X 2" mild steel - solid flat bar - welded together. TA Toler
  13. The press is really in a protoype stage, the top bar now serves only as an anvil, but on the next version it will be adjustable and movable. I have put three videos of this press on Youtube to make it easier for people to view, Youtube videos of mini press look at the video marked "Flattening, squaring, drawing, mini hydraulic press" it shows die changes from flattening to drawing, this video is about three different videos cobbled together. On the next rework of this press I will be changing the bottom ram bar so that dies will lock in more securely and I will be changing the top so it c
  14. Kroll is about the best penetrating oil I have ever seen - we used to use in refineries to remove pressure heads on heat exchangers - 2" nuts with hammer wrenches, a little kroll sqirt all arouns soak for a while and then a little torch heat. Pops them right off.
  15. Very nice machine! Thunder T.A. Toler
  16. Ok - looked at my compressor lsat night - its a Sanborn 3 HP, 22 gallon tank, pressure is set at about 110 psi. I got a youtube account and posted a wider shot of the operation of the press, it is linked here .T.A. Toler
  17. It's not very big, I'm at work right now I'll post back the size when I get home tonight - late.
  18. Yes adjustable stops can be done. I will post more pictures of die sets and modifications as they are completed. T.A.
  19. I saw and considered the motor driven version, its a little more complicated. Thanks for the compliments from all who responded. TA. Toler
  20. I would think it would work fine for damascus, I just built it and started testing it about a week ago, its not as big and fast as a full sized press but it is pretty good for small work. By the way - I am a Boilermaker also.
  21. How about a video? I made a video last night and linked it on my website here: press video. What you will be looking at on the video is a 1" round bar with a 1/4" flat bar handle, I drew it down to about 1/2" on the first heat and draw, - the flat bar handle is good for a reference point on the forged thickness, the video only show a couple of heats, just so you can get the feel of this little press and keep the video file relatively small. Nothing fancy - only about three presses per heat. On thinner material it is pretty easy to get about 5 presses per heat. I'll try to get some grap
  22. Opps - the link is here: mini hydraulic press page link there are about 12 graphics, and a little discussion at the bottom. Disclamers at the top are for those that need disclaimers.
  23. I though a few of you might enjoy this little project. here is a graphic of my mini press, (the beer is unopend and for scale): I can get about 5-6 crunchs from one billet heat. Cost about 70.00 for the jack - on sale at HF, most of the steel was laying around my shop. I did have to buy about 2" of 1" X 2" flat bar for the upper die and die set. 100.00 is a high estimate of the cost. There is a full page of info on my website. Hope this helps T. Toler Thunder
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