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  1. I get this all the time with real old 1075. Yes I mean really really old stock. Tinker asked me if it was wootz. He seemed surprised when I told him what it was. The patterning is never the same. Sometimes more pronounced then others. I like it and so do my clients. OK, I re-read the patent for the "wootzy looking steel". It sounds like he is equateing quenching to cryo. So now any fast thermal conversion is an infringment? Isnt quenching in oil or water a fast thermal conversion? Ive been out in my barn to long. All this legal stuff just makes me want to call my lawyer nam
  2. Thats the way they do it now. My youngest is in Iraq at the present time. South of Bagdad. The pics Ive seen are just like that. But all those guys in one porta potty was hilarious.
  3. Brigid is the Goddess of the Forge and of Brewing. How could Beer and Iron not mix in harmony.
  4. Hi Karl, The thing I have a problem with is the hardness of the metal itself. The two samplles I cut off, 1 7/8 and 1x4 to take in for spectrographic reading, took over a half hour to cut thru with my chop saw. Initialy I was sliceing a piece to make a gaurd out of. But it was so damn hard I got to wondering just what was in it. I have some other WI that sliced like butter. Zip and it was cut. This stuff doesnt cut easy at all. Arik
  5. I final got a spectro reading. Of 6 tests, these are the 2 most divergant. So an average can be taken from these figures. 1. C 0.200 Mn 0.797 Si 0.220 P .00922 Cr 0.501 Ni 0.416 Mo 0.156 Al 0.0289 2. C 0.266 Mn 0.875 Si 0.0385 P 0.131 Cr .00364 Ni .00413 Mo 0.0145 Al .00264 1. Alsol 0.029 Alins .00297 As .00489 B .00045 Co .00969 Cu 0.143 Nb .00163 2. Also .00286 Alins .00006 As .00301 B .00152 Co .00176 Cu .00940 Nb .00130 1. Pb .00090 Sn .00837 Ti .00070 V .00487 W .00780 N .00900 Fe 97.46 Pims 1.0 2. Pb .00090 Sn .00050
  6. First off, it might be galvinised. So cleaning it up may be a problem. Its likely medium carbon steel. If it is to soft it wont drive in very well.
  7. Heat and beat Jerry. You can do it. :notworthy: Afterall, its like butter at welding temp. Arik
  8. Very carefully with a round or other shaped file as your choice and need dictates. A guide is helpful as the spaceing is critical. A guide can be made, or go to the chainsaw store and buy one for sharpening chains. You will need to space them so it will get the distance correct. Good luck on the project.
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