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  1. Jake, I have been listening to Huun Huur Tu on and off for a few years, and thay are very good for forging. The horse-head thingy is called an igil. CProkopp, just listen and experiment and soon you will be able to do it. I tought meself kargyraa and sygyt (whistly noise and deep noise) by doing a lotta listening. Good stuff.
  2. Thank you so much Don! This forum is a place where the combined knowledge of thousands can be shared with everyone, which is a wonderful thing. :You_Rock_Emoticon:
  3. I will at least try this setup, since I have it right now. The needle valve on the drip system, and also another valve at the oil tank allow me to get a fairly even oil flow. I'll test it out this saturday to see.
  4. Thank you all! I have made the necessary corrections (thank goodness that was only a first draft!) and the paper is now more solid on its background materials etc. I rebalanced the equation to 3CH3OH + 4O2 = CO + CO2 + 6H2O which I think works. This reaction happens at the beginning of the reduction zone for a downdraft gasifier and the CO2 and H2O produced fuel the reactions H2O+C=CO+H2 and CO2+C=2CO in a fluid bed or updraft gasifier, these gases are gathered with the producer gas and not converted to CO and H2. I included a note on this in the literature review section.
  5. My first burn, before the seperate top was added, was started with a small propane torch. I did not hold it in long enough to get a self-perpetuating flame, and when I turned on the blower it blew the torch out, so that didn't go very well. With a removable top though, I can start off with a top-blown wood/charcoal fire in it, and add oil slowly. The preheating of the chamber and training-wheels support of the oil combustion will last as long as the wood fire, and hopefully ensure that it stays lit. That's how metal casty types seem to be doing it without a massive propane preheat torch. App
  6. Hello. I just finished a study on the gasification of wood and chicken manure which will determine whether I pass or failscience this semester, I've been writing and editing since 10 this morning with a break for lunch, and one for tea and finished at 9:00 this night. Woohoo! it's "dung", as my ol' gaffer would say! (that means done by the way) so, I thought I'd post it here, if it's of any interest to any of you. It mentions forges a few times, and heating of nails and guaging them against a color chart, if it needs to relate to smiting o' the hot metals. Science_Fair_Paper.doc
  7. Pictures are here!!!! The brass pipe fittings are 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch, I have trouble figuring out which way to turn handles and valves like that, so I wrote instructions in sharpie on the valve. the ridiculous thing is, that those fittings, along with 2 feet of rubber tube cost me 16 dollars! isn't that ridiculous? I am not going back to that hardware store again, but it was the only one I was passing that day, and the parents are sick of driving me to home depot so... (permit next month, woohoo!) But the burner works okay. Since the pictures I have made a separate lid, and sealed a f
  8. It's a vaporizing one. The oil drips out into the air stream, and is whipped into a semi-mist/vapour and then gets burned. I still can't find the cable, darnit! I know it's here somewhere...
  9. Hello. I just tested my small vegetable oil burner, and it seems to work okay, I just need to seal up two leaky oil connections, so that it doesn't drizzle out onto the outer body of the burner. Pictures when I find the stupid camera connecting cable, which always goes missing when I need it I also want to test it on methanol, and on a mixture of half oil, half methanol. Woohoo! I have me an oil burner! Thanks, Archie
  10. that's pretty sweet! with enough air you can burn it smokelessly, or you could just gasify it.
  11. I know it's stupid to use mild, but the only large amount of carbon steel I have is a broken off end of a truck leafspring, with one end full of cracks. My forge isn't nearly big enough to heat it at all decently, and I don't know what kind of steel it is anyhow. Thanks all of you for your help!
  12. Hello. I have been forging out a mild steel sword blade from as an exercise in hammerwork and a birthday present for a friend but I am having a lot more trouble than I originally thought I would. I am forging from 1/4 inch by 1 1/2 inch by 20 inch stock. Is this a good shape for starting material, or should I start with round or square barstock? My main problems are getting the tip pointy, and the tang to be in the center, and thinner than the blade. What happens is that the tang thins, but when I try to pound out the thicknened tang, the metal pushes back to the sides, and I lose the thinn
  13. Update on the chicken poo burn: The chicken poo's consistancy made it not work in the downdraft gasifier, so what I did was I turned my forge into a makeshift fluidized bed gasifier, and heaped chicken poo in there. It produced a yellow flame, and at first it made 2 types of gas, yellow and blue, more blue than yellow, and both are combustible. The remaining chicken poo-charcoal burned white hot in an airstream which made charcoal burn yellowish-orange, and one brick fell into the bed and was turned to glass on one side. The poo left behind 6 oz. of vitrified ash which I am guessing is mostly
  14. Hello! I just built a small wvo/biodiesel burner in 20 minutes, I just need to put a few 3/4 inch fittings to connect it to the blower and oil tank and it will be done. The insulation is 2 parts vermiculite (thank you Alex Roy) 2 parts hardwood ash, and 1 part portland cement with a small amount of charcoal chips thrown in. Just enough water to make it stick into a ball when you squeeze it in your hand and then it is packed tightly in the space between a big israeli olive tin and a tomato soup tin with a small length of 1 inch diameter pipe sticking in between them out the side of the tins as
  15. Jens, I don't mean to brag, but it has happened thrice, and I'm taking all of them up on it!
  16. Hello. This will probably be a very awkward thread, but it is something upon which my mind has dwelt recently. I have learned in the past month, that many of my female friends used to, or still do, cut themselves. I don't know why I'm bringing this up, I guess the attitude towards knives thread triggered these thoughts, but I am curious as to your views of it. Have any of you encountered it before? Do ou think the high rate of people who do it might affect the way people view knives? (if you want to connect it to bladesmithing) I don't know, I just am curious as to your attitudes towards it.
  17. In my experience, I have not felt very much stigma, and in my school of 150 students and 20 teachers I have gained the reputation of "the blacksmith who specializes in armour" I play up armouring and ironwork and play down bladesmithing and I'm fine, though there was this one kid who is creepy and lives in the middle of the woods who pestered me for two years to make him and his friends armour and swords but refused to pay more than 20 dollars per item. I have filled a few orders for kitchen knives from teachers, but apart from that I am known as an armoursmith. This is what I get, most o' th
  18. Oh, also, I might have to redo wood, because what I have left is still about half a pound of charcoal, though I suppose it could be crushed up and dilled into soil to bulk it up, and as carbon sequestration. I'm gonna redo it anyhow, also to see whether I can un-smoke the damned thing (I hate tar deposits all over everything! They make me mad and I have to scrub everything clean! grrr...) I'm gonna do a few mods to the gasifier this week after school/this upcoming weekend, to scale down the gas-chamber and bulk up the air flow and maybe the intake of the blower too, and also gonna add a filter
  19. Thanks Jessie! and Alan too, those :You_Rock_Emoticon: emoticons make me sooo happy! Thanks! Bob, I'd say that if you want something really safe and silent, you should look into WVO and biodiesel. Chicken poo gathered today. It's been wetted and dried into clumps, and I'm adding in refuse from my little australian dove, and cutting the whole lot with charcoal (pure carbon with no tar or anything) just to egg it along a little and make darned sure it burns.
  20. Thanks Alan, RHGraham I definately agree with you on that link. My setup is a slightly simpler one than what is on the link, but it is fairly close. If we can get research into alternatively fueled forges off the ground, that will be great, and, at least for now in some cases, cheaper. IN my old charcoal forge, 4 poounds of wood would go in about an hour, and take a lot of time to heat metal, but now it lasts much more. And also, I can get vegetable oil at $0.75 per gallon, which would go long way in an oil powered forge as opposed to $3.00 per gallon of propane. It's also far less blowey
  21. I am definately going to work on this kind of forge setup, and see how compact and efficient a rig I can get. I was thinking of looking at oil burning forges as well, but right now I am going to continue with this. http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/oilburners.html there are btu values for oil and wood and biodiesel and such things as that in this link. Apparently Biodiesel gets 120,000btus per gallon compared to 91,000 btus per gallon for propane. If this is true, then using it in a veggie oil burner (there are designs for simple ones on the same sight) could get you a darned hot forge! A
  22. That's beautiful! :You_Rock_Emoticon:
  23. here be pikkies! this first one is a view of the whole setup with blower to provide a vaccuum to push the gas from the gasifier (the big metal bin thingy to the forge (the large woody bricky box object on wheels) second is a view of what happens when you bung a wee bit o' charcoal into the forge, it doesn't last very long, though. and last is a view into the fuel hopper. That shot was very smokey, but one poke with a stick and all the smoke was sucked thorugh the gasifying chamber into the blower and out to be burned in the forge. That bucketfull of wood and bark (about 4 pounds) las
  24. It's a nice setup, bulky though, not to mention heavy! so I'm gonna see whether, later on, I can make it any smaller, which probably won't be that hard to do, especially with the forge body itself (you'll see when I get the photos)
  25. As of yesterday 5:30 p.m. I am an American citizen!!! Woohooooo!!!!! Now I'm a member of the most crazyhuge awesome country in the whole damn world! No more fooling with the green card which is actually pink (what's up with that?!) yes!!!! I am american now!!!!! Now that I'm american, all four of my family are U.S. citizens, my mum and dad were english until last year, and my brother was born here, now we're bally old jolly spiffin yanks wotwot! I say old fruit, American citizens, with knobs and bells on!
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