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  1. wow, this thread was from a long time ago...how did anyone find it again? chemistry is actually pretty cool once you get out of subatomic particles and get to actually learning how to burn stuff and blow things up and turn things purple.
  2. is'a preety! Very good knife sir!
  3. Hello. Today I fired up my wood/chickenpoo gasifier and hooked it up to my forge. It works great! I can get to an orange heat in about 2 minutes from black heat. The only problem I am having, is that my current setup needs a charcoal briquette or two bunged in the forge to keep the gasses flaring. I need to put in a wire flame holder, and finalize the forge's role as a gas forge. It's a hastily adapted charcoal forge made of mud and fireplace bricks, and is about as inneficient as...I'll put in a good analogy when I think of one, but sufficed to say that it throwsgood btus away without using
  4. Hello. I just found on the top of my bookshelf, my old polatronic 1000 land camera. one with the clip on flash unit, anybody know whether you can still get film for these things, or whether there's anyone left alive who knows how? I'm feeling all nostalgic about it right now, and want to take some pictures with it. Thanks, Archie
  5. with so many of the pictures shown here involving white heat, or forging at a yellow heat, people calling something "red hot" seems not to say much. :You_Rock_Emoticon: beautiful work! must have been fun!
  6. You caught your leg with a hatchet? ouch...
  7. I know, it's stupid. My mum is a PCP and dad is (I don't mean to brag) a professor of Radioation Oncology but we don't even have band-aids in the house. Yesterday I went to the wholesale store and bought a massive pack of band-aids and cleaning stuff. (I also found that I can get 5 gallons of vegetable oil for 5 dollars, so if I ever make a wvo or svo burner forge...)
  8. It's really not that bad, the cut/popped skin/whatever. it's a flap attached at the top: left side is about 1 cm long, the bottom is also 1 cm long and the right side is half a cm long. after the E.R. people cleaned it and soaked it in disinfectant I got home, set it myself and then glued it. I could have done everything at home, but we don't havce any first aid supplies at home (both parents are doctors) parents are working today, but my brother is here and we just watched movies all day, tomorrow I'll finish up the gasifier and make chicken fuel briquettes. btw I checked my medical recor
  9. Archie Zietman


    Hello. Last night I was on the last step for finnishing the gasifier when my hand slipped and I hit my left thumb with a hammer. I didn't break it, but the pressure kinda popped off some skin on the other side of the finger. When I saw it I was cool as a cucumber and just skipped up stairs to wash it and bind it up. Then my parents saw and started yelling and being upset and howling about tetinus and took me to the hospitol where they cleaned it up more, and we ended up walking out because the doctor kept us waiting for about an hour and a half. No tetinus shot needed, I'm fine, we just glu
  10. would a fire holder help? fiddle around with the air to fuel ratio.
  11. did you get it up to non-magnetic? sometimes when I've heat treated blades they have come out soft because I only got it to a red heat but never actually tested it on a magnet.
  12. It is true that when things are burned CO2/CO is released, but if it is biomass, the CO2 released is already in the carbon cycle and can be absorbed by plants and algae and the balance of the system can be maintained. But if we use fossil fuels, that carbon was underground, and we're hooking it up to oxygen which was in the system, and creating an unbalance. So, I guess what I'm saying is that "eco-forges" would burn other forms of biomass besides wood charcoal being burned in forges in various ways. It's the fossil fuels in particular which are causing the problem. every little bit helps, a
  13. wasn't someone doing something with wvo at some point here? also at one point there was talk of a recycled motor oil forge which apparently got toasty warm somewhere here.
  14. Jared, global warming I kinda agree with you on, but humans are releasing more CO2 from carbon in fossil fuels which weren't in the form of CO2/ in the carbon cycle but sequestered underground. But from a purely breathing standpoint it is not good to be burning fossil fuels. well that's enough of that , back to the original topic. yay for hijacking your own thread! :ylsuper:
  15. Hello. It has struck me that with the whole global warming issue, or if you don't believe about that just the issue about how our atmosphere has gone from 220 ppm (units?) CO2 to 330ppm of CO2 in the air in the past less than 100 yrs proven due to fossil fuels and the speed of CO2 inflation rapidly rising so we might as well cut down on CO2 emmissions so that people in anywhere from 100 to 200 years in the future can stay alive because humans can't survive with 550ppm CO2 in the air issue, that smiths are still mostly using propane or other fossil gasses or coal. Are any of you lot also loo
  16. Hello. This morning I just converted my charcoal forge into a very ugly chunky heavy as heck vertical gas forge, which I am going to use temporarily with my almost finished gasifier. Maybe later I will build a much better gas forge but for the moment I needed to knock something together. Here is a paint sketch of it:
  17. J. Loose I agree, Garmarna rocks! :ylsuper:
  18. Hello. since last Friday (March 3rd) I have been feeling more alive than I have been for a good 2 months or so. It's as though there was a kind of fog or miasma pervading my life, and I just needed some catalystic thing to happen so that it lifted and suddenly on Friday during lunch it cleared. Has anyone else felt this way before? It's good fun, feeling alive. Just curious, Archie (March vacation in 2 days woo hoo!) :ylsuper:
  19. You probably could use it if you put an intake flap over it, but it'd be very noisy I'd think. what about the blower plans on livelyknives.com with a wee motor attached? edit: here be the link! haharr!
  20. Hello. A while ago I said I was building a gas forge which would run on producer gas. Well, I've almost got the gasifier unit going, and I am adapting my charcoal forge to become a vertical gas forge. Once it is done you will see how it works, basically I am adding a second side tuyere which will be a very wide low pressure blower burner. as well. Reason I am posting this is because I just mucked out der chickenhuse and I am gonna briquette and gasify the chicken-litter, and compare it to straw briquettes as a control for my science project. I shall post pikkies and suchlike over the nex
  21. did you crush the bottles into a powder? how so?
  22. How did you get it just up close with a knife and no shots? That's impressive! What do you do with boars once you kill them? Eat them Asterix and Obelix style?
  23. is the last picture the billet all welded up, or just poundined together before welding to prevent air pockety cold shuttey thingies. very nice pictures sir!
  24. Well CProkopp, here's one Ukranian English Jew...close enough... Chicken soup made with the feet, and gravy with the heart, liver and comb is the way to go, escpecially when it's you who raised and killed the chicken. :ylsuper:
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