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  1. I don't see pictures, but if you do an ursutz, like lionel, with just a hairdryer, an open ind and oil dripping down, it should work good.
  2. It's big. VERY BIG! as in, It needs to be supported seperately from the forge, and ten feet away you can still feel it blowing hard.
  3. Hello. I am wondering, I have heard of "crucible steels" several times on this forum. Is a crucible steel wootz? what would "crucible L-6" be? does that mean L-6 made in a crucible? If so, does the crucubling of it do anything to the steel? Thanks, Archie
  4. at least it wasn't a big spider in your grinder! The thought gives me the willies! Is there any way one could control infestations of pests in the shop?
  5. I only know that he told me. He was using an open flame from an ursutz style burner, and got a 3/4 inch bar of mild up to a white heat apparently. I have not done it myself, though, if you tested both fuels you would know. By the way, am I sensing some argumentative vibes, or am I just imagining? It was quite a flustered message you put on backyard. edit: apparently wvo does get as hot. is good. still try both out though.
  6. are you talking about a FORGE or an ALUMINUM AND BRONZE FOUNDRY? if you want to get hotter than a red heat, you'll definately want biodeisel. He melts bronze with wvo, at 1450 degrees F or thereabouts yes? 1450 is enough for a red heat on steel, but if you want to get the steel any hotter, you would want biodeisel I am thinking. A chap got steel up to a white heat with biodeisel.
  7. glycerin is what leaves the crap in the bottom of the engine/burner. it doesn't burn well, so when you remove it it thins out the stuff, and per gallon you have much more of the burney stuff. power in the engine maybe, but for heat, as far as I know biodeisel has more burnings in it, and can get much hotter. check out backyardmetalcasting.com/forums wvo gets up to 1400 degrees F, but biodeisel gets hotter. ask the chaps on the forum, they're much more knowledgeable than I. good luck with your forge! bonne continuation!
  8. fantastic knife! I got a burn like that my first time at the forge, cept it was on my finger. It healed up fine with little scarring anyways, just clean it, and keep it dry.
  9. If you have a spider bigger than your hand, pull out a revolver and plug it. If you have a bunch of earwigs in the corner, stick the acetaline torch on them! BOOM!
  10. I am thinking of building a second big forge for hammer-ins and such, so I could run both at one from it, and make use of the air.
  11. Helo. My schoolfriend a few days ago found an old electric forge blower in his barn (he lives on a farm) and I was intending to buy it from him, being under the impression that it was a small thing with a broken motor. Boy was I mistaken. He refused payment for it, and said he tested it and it works beautifully. He told me that I might want to divert some of the air away from the forge. I wasn't sure until he held up his hands to show how big the air expelling hole was it's about 6 inches diameter, and the whole thing is pretty damn big! I'm deffinately going to use a hose valve to regulate
  12. Hello. For a 5 inch kitchen knife which I have been commisioned, I have a choice of scrap steels to work from: 1) a broken off end of a leafspring 2) a 1075 or thereabouts steel shovel 3) a stone chisel 4) a cold-chisel 5) a wood chisel 6) a file Which one or ones should I use to make this knife? I am thinking either the end of the leafspring farthest from the break, or the file, or weld the two up? Thanks, Archie
  13. I think chakras are the 7 energy fields of the mind/body in Yoga, yes? Just started taking yoga, and haven't gotten all the names straight yet.
  14. Alex, I might have it done by then if I take Saturday to just work on it (my first day of vacation! )
  15. Tai, dyoo mean, when you say we will use yours as a model, that the tutorial will go through how to make the face, and twist?
  16. I researched it a bit, and if you use biodeisel it gets FAR hotter (welding heat) as opposed to wvo which only gets to red heats.
  17. Hello. I have just noticed that after half a year of experimenting with making a forge out of anything and everything I could get my hands on that I have found my favorite style of smithing setup which just...works for me: galvanized washtub or trash barrel with side blown tuyere lined with potting soil/ash/perlite (or whatever the little white things for gardeners are called) and an upturned 10 lb sledgehammer for an anvil. It works for me in both functionality and aesthetics. Do any of you find this true with your setups? is there a certain "forge chi" to every smith? I have seen "Tai's Kni
  18. New forge is gonna be thus: 3 foot long by one foot deep washtub, with about 1 foot at the end concrete-ized with a stake anvil or 2 and a t-stake (for helmets) in the concrete. The bottom will be firebrick, and the tuyeres will be 2 side blown 2 inch diameter pipes. lining will be mostly earth, and the outer layer will be ash. sound good? won't have it done for the hammer-in I don't think, though. I'm gonna take it slow, and slake my thirst for hot metal with my little tiny bucket version.
  19. http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/000272.php looks like fun. spring steel curve with leg braces. 2 year ago I toyed with the same concept (not knowing about these) but never got around to actually doing it. a mini leafspring would probably work quite well.
  20. Thanks everybody! It is a good thing I dind't stay in front of it, but rolled out of the way. 100 pounds of forge at a 45 degree angle right into kneecaps would not be fun. Today I have a snow day (the good thing about snow) and I'm gonna try and get a head start on the forge.
  21. Hello. How does one forge a recurve blade? Thanks, Archie
  22. 27-28th same as you said, as far as I know.
  23. sorry about yer eyesbrows! I just hauled everything inside and cleaned up (while in my slippers, I am manly man! ) The outer frame of the forge is screwed, so I'll do a new one, I saved about half/ one third of the ash-dirt-stuff and had a bit in the fireplace to augment it, so that's okay, but it still has leavs'n stuff in it. Tuyere is fine, but need to reattach air supply. The radio-flyer itself seems fine, just a tiny bit dented/ wet, and the tires need a pump up. salvaged a small bit of the charcoal that was in there, but I have plenty more. It's not nearly as bad as I thought, I'll ju
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