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  1. ...I guess this time I can make it new and even more improved than last time. Hopefully I'll have the new one in time for the hammer on the 27th. I'll use a barbeque this time, instead of the bottom of a steel trash barrel. And I'll bolt it very securely to the radio-flyer so it won't tear off like it did before.
  2. Hello. I was just in the middle of doing some metal-pounding, testing out my new forge, (which worked like a dream) I doused the fire to put everything, and then slipped on the ice, pulling the forge with me. The forge went tumbling down a hill and crashed into a tree, bounced off and tipped into the snow. My ash-earth-crushed firebrick refractory is now mixed with charcoal, dead leaves, and snow. The outer frame was crushed when the Radio-Flyer wagon it was in fell and tipped over it, my hammers faces got mucked up, and the sledgehammer I'm using as a hammer needs to be ground to a flat surf
  3. Hammer-in is happening yes? Pretty machines...
  4. You mean to burn in the forge? does it make smoke, though?
  5. Tai, why dung? you mean cow dung dried burning in the forge? if so, does horse work as well?
  6. Hello. While going through some old notebooks, I found my original handwritten copy of a Chaucerian poem I wrote for my humanities class, and found it somewhat fitting to share on this forum. Please forgive the slightly odd meter, (it worked when I read it to the class!) and so yer not confused, I'm a Red Sox fan, and couldn't resist a poke at the New York Yankees in the 4th stanza The Blacksmith's Tale On days when lightning splits the sky asunder, And farmer's ears are deafened by thunder, Then water spills and sloshes in the mires And businessmen turn on their big gas fires
  7. Do you quench even oil hardening steels in water for a few seconds (how many exactly?) and then go straight into the oil for a lighter second half of the quench and temper in one? That would make some darn hard edged blades!
  8. I definately agree. IMHO that defines me in a nutshell. I am usually extremely passionate about what I do. But you forgot one side of the romantic, which is the um...romantic side of the romantic. :ylsuper:
  9. amazing knife, that is awesome! :notworthy: :ylsuper:
  10. Hello. I have a question and some observations on dirt and ashes. first the observations: I was mixing up some dampened and dried ashes for my big forge, and I noticed that the smell, colour and texture are the same as that of dry potting soil. Is the burning of wood and organic matter simply a much sped up version of the reaction of bacteria and fungi digesting and breaking down the stuff? They both produce CO2 and consume all of the wood until only the non-consumable parts of the matter (silica and such things as that) are left, am I correct in thinking this? If it is the case, then dirt
  11. Probably a hairdryer with a hose valve to adjust how much air goes in. If not, then a tubular box bellows.
  12. Hello. I have decided to make a new charcoal forge. Here are my designs so far, I will use it for blacksmithing, bladesmithing, and armouring, so that is why I included a slack tub (I could use it as a fuel bin though). The while thing is about 2 feet long and 18 inches wide. ( the drawing is not very accurate with dimensions) The firepit/ duck's nest will be adjustable like a forgebeque, and once I gather enough ash I will remove the bricks. Made out of the top of an old propane barbeque which I tore off. 1/4 imnch thick steel walls. Is good design?
  13. WOW!!!!!!! :notworthy: :ylsuper: :35: That's quite amazing! Is it possible to do it in the presence of carbon to come out with carbon steel? FeO+Al+Mg=AlO+Fe+ lots'o heat? sweet. Me wanna try!!!!!
  14. Hello. I am working on a painting for my school's All-School-Spread-Contest (spread is a 2 page layout in a sketchbook. For my piece I am doing a piece wherein the left side is a painting of a woman, there is a rose in between the pages, and the right page is a very dramatic picture of a smith pounding hot iron on his anvil. Around the edge is going to be the first two stanzas from one of several blacksmithing songs/poems I am choosing between. For the right panel I have done several sketches and googlings, but none of the pictures have satisfied me for use as reference material. Do any of yo
  15. Hello. On several websites and in several books I have read that even to make small knives it took vast crates full of charcoal to do it back in the day. I have been using charcoal for the past few months and...I don't think it's true that it took that much. Are they factoring in the making of the steel/iron before forging? Are modern smiths somehow more fuel efficient? I am just confused by this statement. Thanks, Archie
  16. Hello! Tommorow in chemchem class we're gonna do a thermite smelt, apparently. I just want to be prepared. I have heard the term thermite many times here. so...what is it? how is it done? what is it done for? Thanks, Archie
  17. Hello. How does one thread the end of a tang? Thanks, Archie
  18. The ash I have is mostly from maple trees, of which I have many in my garden. I made a mini-forgebeque using the ash from my fireplace this weekend, to make sure everything would work. The ash did not melt , and insulated the charcoal very well, I could get a 1/2 inch thick bar of steel up to a yellow heat in a matter of minutes with relatively little charcoal.
  19. Hello. It is the start of what my family call "fireplace season" when we have a fire going all the time during the weekends to keep the house warm. This is also good from a bladesmith perspective for 2 reasons: 1) ash for forgebeque. 2) charcoal I experimented today with my fireplace, and by turning the logs over and over when their flames went down, I eventually got a bighugemassiveawesome fire. Not the puny little crackling yellow flames, but a piller of white white white flame going up to the chimney roaring like a lion with no smoke whatsoever. (good thing it was at the way back!)
  20. Hello. Does anybody have plans for a non-electric foot pedal powered grinder, or a bicycle powered grinder like the one in the picture? Thanks, Archie
  21. what about 5'5 and wiry? do I count?
  22. "smith" to me, means one who puts their heart and soul into a creation. Alex, your comment is also true in the armouring world, of which I am more a part. Most armourers would prefer to dish 2 halves of a lumpy helmet, and weld them poorly along the crest and pass it off as armour in order to say that they make armour as opposed to taking a forge, tongs, and some proper stakes, and raising a helmet from one flat sheet of thick steel, which is how they did it back in the day. There are however, many subdivisions as Tai said of bladesmiths. Each has his or her own style, and way of doing thing
  23. if you're cold forging nails, you could probably get a 10 pound chunk o' steel and use that, like a miniature post anvil. cool mini swords!
  24. Welcome! by "sidewalk" do you mean kneeling on the sidewalk abrading files into knives? that's dedication!
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