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  1. Massachusetts! Proud to be jewish, liberal, and okay with gay people! I'm more conseravative with my views on the economy though.
  2. wood is very good! I started using wood in my new forgebuckette (mini forgebeque in a bucket) and it's really good, forge first, pattern weld once it's ready!
  3. It tastes...I dunno, kind of like...mead... It's really nice. it's a semi-dry cyser, tastes of apples, and spices and champagne, too. I'm starting up a 2 gallon batch in 3 weeks, and will hopefully have enough GLASS bottles to bottle the WHOLE 2 gallons. I won't pour out the mead from the carboy into the filter this time. (my dad didn't know I was going to siphon, so picked up the huge carboy and tipped it into the filter sediment and all, so now there's sediment in the bottom, which makes me mad, and I could only bottle the first half-gallon because he screwed it up with sediment and aeration
  4. in the kitchen, full sign reads: "HELP WANTED: apply to mummy [my mum] in person"
  5. This is the apple mead I bottled several weeks ago, and the view at dawn from my bedroom window.
  6. Hello. Why the flamiche do people have to take atomic chemistry? what's up with that? does it expand our cultural knowledge, does it help us debate? what does making everyone learn chemistry do for society? Sure doctors can make medicines and such, but why does everyone need to know about the periodic table? I can see about biology and bioethics, and ecology, or basic physics and architecture, you can understand a little about trees, or about why you build your new garage the way you do, or why people are fussing over global warming, but who the hell needs to know what a frillibiting valence
  7. Hello. I just built a mini "forgebuckette" and I am, as of now, lining it with an ash and water mix which is kinda clayish. It takes forever to dry, but is really dense and holds the heat very well. do you chaps'n chapesses out there with forgebeques use dry ash just poured in, or do you mix it with water for ease of sculptability? Thanks, Archie
  8. Hello. I was perusing the older pages of the hot work forum, and there were several mentions of the "lawnmower forge" on keenjunk. Keenjunk is gone, and I am curious about this lawnmower forge. How does it work? what fuel does it burn? anyone have any pictures? Thanks, Archie
  9. different, stone knives! Have any of ye ever made them? if you have, I was wondering if you could possibly describe it please? Thanks, Archie
  10. otay, the heat shield is to protect the bellows from the fire. I know my design is much more of a forgebeque, but it's there because of several things: 1) to restrict the size of the firepit, I tend to make them too big and chew up unnecessarily large amounts of fuel. 2) to help the firepit hold it's shape. it would anyway, I just like to know that at least one side is completely stable. 3) it keeps the heat in a bit more, kind of like how koawool reflects heat a bit. 4) Aesthetics. It looks nice to me. I know that's a stupid reason, I just like the way it looks that way.
  11. Hello. I am building a new medium sized charcoal/wood forge, based on a viking forge, and a forgebeque. I want to use a 2 pound iron weight as my heat shield. But the hole is in the center, and I need to cut out a chunk of the bottom to get the hole in the right place. what could I use to do this? Cold chisel? hacksaw? jigsaw? I could hot cut it, but for the fact that my old forge is in bits now that I'm building a new one, though I suppose I could knock up a hole in the ground. Thanks, Archie it looks like this:
  12. is it possible to hook a bernz-o-matic nozzle to a big propane tank?
  13. Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful blade
  14. You can easily build good portable forges. Mine is mounted on a Radio Flyer Wagon for ease of trundling.
  15. Went to Temple, then built a hybrid between a forgebeque and a viking forge, and cut up several fence posts into cubes the size of 2 dice. enough fuel to last me several weeks.
  16. This is a smily which someone from the Armourarchive showed me. Just thought I'd share. Anybody else have any ridiculous viking-blade-blacksmith-type smilies? I'm curious.
  17. hello! I have no idea whether any of you chaps are Jewish too, but anyways, tomorrow is Rosh Hashannah, happy new year!! L'chaim!!! Let's bless eveything until we all get ferschnichet!!!
  18. so, lots of air un-smokes the fire? cool!
  19. I make homemade charcoal too, though in smaller quantities. If you want a good wheelie charcoal forge, I have 6 words for you: forgebeque mounted on a radio flyer. It's what I use and it's great. Whenever people see it they say, "That's one nifty forge you've got there." it's fuel efficient, on wheels, gets up to welding heats and it's bright red who could ask for anything more?
  20. Tai, would it be possible to shove some wood chips to the bottom of a charcoal fire, and get the smoke to light up?
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