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  1. I live in the burbs of boston, and don't have any probs using charcoal. if you've got a yard, you should be fine.
  2. As far as I know, the carbon introduction is fairly slow. When I spend 7 or 8 hours hot-raising a helmet out of mild steel, by the end it's still mild steel, not carbon, so I expect it's a slow process.
  3. If I make it, I have several tons of scrap hardwood of many different kind in my basement, which I need to put to a good use. Are there any places where I could get a few 50 gallon drums near Salem? Thanks!
  4. Hello. I am probably going to get a lot of pounding done during the winter, but the trouble is, I don't have very much left from over the summer, and the place I get it from doesn't sell it during the winter. Is there anywhere (particularly in Massachusetts) where I could get it in bulk? or is it better to make my own? Thanks, Archie
  5. Maybe at a certain point everything goes boom? I don't know if there is a point when you can't get any hotter. sun maybe?
  6. Hello. I have a question about gas forges: how hot is the actual burner flame you heat the chamber with? can the chamber only get as hot as the flame, or do the walls trap heat and increase temperature? Thanks, Archie
  7. Could you please explain the joke? Today I went to school, got a bunch of horseshoes, gonna get a 1/2 inch thick foot long by 8inches wide steel plate (1050) to use as an anvil, and all sorts of goodies over the week! And my dad gave me the go-ahead to start brewing mead this weekend! :ylsuper:
  8. Also, I'm not much older than you, but, start with knives, do a couple fer yerself and then maybe show a few people, do a few orders, but don't dive right into promising commisions, especially not with swords, it's not good for your mind, or your body, stressey. ONce you get into it's good for getting a few guinees to spend on wine and women though My 2 cents. Welcome to the world of bladesmithing/general metalpounding by the way!
  9. Hello. One of my best friends lives on a hay farm w/ a ton of horses. They just re-shoed all the horses, and his parents were gonna bring the shoes (60 of them) to the dump, but he's gonna give them to me for free! He's gonna bring them in to school for me over the course of this week, along with all sorts of carbon steel machinery chunks, including a 12" by 8" 1/2 inch thick carbon steel plate, which is gonna be my new anvil! Is there any way to make usable edge-holding knives out of the horseshoes? Thanks, Archie
  10. hello. I am planning to do a small cooking knife within the next few weeks.These are the scrapped steel items I could make it out of: cold chisel carbon steel spade medium carbon high chrome vanadium wrench stone chisel chunks of garden rakes (1075 I think) so, which one(s) should I use do you think? It needs to not be brittle, but mainly to hold a really good edge. Thanks, Archie
  11. Hello. What is it that makes a gas forge quiet? I have seen 2 gas forges, one of which roared, and trhe other was a 2 burner Whisper. What regulates forge noise? Thanks, Archie
  12. I prefer to listen to calming stuff/pop like Dar Williams, or Varttina when pounding. If it has a beat I hammer to the beat which is fun :ylsuper:
  13. I'm gonna be using biodiesel, because you get far more BTUs per gallon. The thing is, how shall I burn it? shall I have a burner hooked up to the side of the forge? shall I have the forge be the burner itself, releasing the fuel directly into the forge where it is ignited by the burning already going on? This would be the most fuel efficient, but would it leave gook in the forge?
  14. Hello. Do you chaps'n chapesses prefer to pound metal in silence (apart from the ring/thump of metal on anvil, and roar/grumble of the forge) or do you listen to music, or the news or summat like that? I'm curious Thanks, Archie
  15. Wowsers!!!! :notworthy: prettiness!
  16. Hello. I have settled on a design for a small chef's knife which I want to make. The only problem is that I want the handle to be plain incovered mild steel. Will this corrode from contact with oils on one's hands, or will it stand up to fairly heavy use? Thanks, Archie
  17. Hello. My mum's bicycle has just conked it, so, (if she'll let me have it) I will come into possession of lots of aluminum scrap, and some bycycle gears and chain. Is bicycle chain good for pattern welding? I have heard of motorcycle chain being used, is bycycle the same? Thanks, Archie
  18. 2006 Mid-West Pillage-in!! Beautiful, clean sword sir! fabulous!
  19. started building my WVO powered forge. I hope it'll work
  20. That's where I got the idea. it's a great site, that one!
  21. they used waste oils for forges? cool. I'l probably have to use a heavily insulated forge, with a big burner to really get a good heat. does anyone have planfor a good burner?
  22. Hello. For my school "science fair" (it's not really, it's just 10th grade doing science projects, and everyone looks at them, there's 27 of us in the year) I am going to be doing some testing of the heat/energy production and emmisions and sustainbility of various fuels (like coal charcoal, mapp and propane, methane, wood gasses, WVO etc.) I am gonna build a fairly large sized wastevegetable oil burner a la backyardmetalcasting for this experiment, and after I'm done with the experiment, do you think I could hook it up to gas-forge kind of setup? Will it be hot enough to heat steel bar (of
  23. That's really cool! Vive la flatters and all that sort of thing!!!
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