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  1. I know that Jim Hrisoulas, in his book says quench tip first, and Andrew Jordan quenches tip first in his "Messen" video. Edge first would warp it to a more bent blade wouldn't it? That's great for katanas'n stuff though. Just my two cents. Good luck by the way! Archie Zietman
  2. fabulous blade, sir!!! well done!!! :35: :35:
  3. awesome blade Tai! what's knord?
  4. sweet!!!! congratulations, and happy birthday!!
  5. Nice work! Very nice work! Beautiful knife!!! :35:
  6. well said sirs, well said! 'specially Tai!
  7. actually, no, sorry I took a look at adrew jordan's up close and it is definately pattern welded in. It's such a beautiful piece!!!!
  8. It could probably be done with maybe an air hardening steel, A-2 ir summat like that, with the layers soldered together, but now I think about it, it probably ain't worth it.
  9. In the etching solution, the pattern jumps right out almost immediately. I always thought etching out the pattern would take longer, but apparently not.
  10. thanks! I shall not use non ferrous metals in billets then.
  11. I think rake fingers are w-2. I spark tested several varieties of rake and they all are at least a high carbon steel.
  12. Hello. My mum and I were just cleaning out the special plates cupboards in our pantry, and came across some raised silver bowls at the very top, and I also have a few in my metals collection in my basement. I was wondering whether it is possible to put silver into a pattern welded billet. I have heard that people use nickel sheet in billets, would silver work as well? What about copper plate? Thanks eversomuchmoreso, Archie
  13. How does one put serrated edge on a knife? Thanks, Archie
  14. That must bve terribly heavy! With riveted you can use much thinner wire, and thus get a lighter piece which is just as strong. Also riveting is the historical technique, and I'm into authenticity. a little too much
  15. Yes. It requires the utmost patience, and I am not the most patient person. endless linking and riveting together of tiny links is not my idea of fun. GIVE ME PLATE STEEL!!!!!! butted maille sucks, IMHO the only way to make decent protective maille is riveted, butted just pulls apart.
  16. By the way Jared, Lowell is a fair way away, but we should definately pound some metal at some point. Anyone else live in Mass? We could do a hammer in !!!!!
  17. I like all of it. Right now, I have just finished cutting out the blank for a 14th century raised bascinet. I am very much in favor of historical armour and techniques, especially hot raising-VIVE LA HOT RAISING!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Gonna put all the bits of my forge together tommorow and start raising. The only dishing I do is to coax the metal in the direction I want it to go before raising. Like the methods that are illustrated here: http://www.anvilfire.com/21centbs/armor/No...t/top_index.htm and also, if you come across a certain "Matthew Cross" connected to "Blankenshield Armory" or just "Bl
  18. You live in Mass too? I live in Salem. Where you at?
  19. Thanks a lot for your replies! I am mostly interested in armour, would it be okay if I posted pictures of those projects too? it's hot work anyways I dunno whther my parents would agree to letting me buy yet another book. I've blown all my money on the complete bladesmith, Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction of the 14th Century, and cement, angle iron, goggles and ear protection. Here's a paint job of my new forge:
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