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  1. So, I just switched over to waste motor oil cut with waste vegetable oil because my stock was getting low. It's a lot thicker than just pure veggie oil, so I converted the nozzle on the needle valve to 1/8 inch diameter as opposed to 1/16th. It allows for thicker oil to move easier, so the forge can work for all kinds of liquid fuel, regardless of viscosity. merry being, Archie
  2. I've switched to free motor oil from my local car dealership. More and more restaurants have contracts these days, but it's good the stuff is being put to good use.
  3. Hello you'uns! In recent months people have been disapearing from the forum for a time, and the U.S. economy has been worsening, and there have been natural disasters, and prices of steel are skyrocketing and a cynic would say that the world is goin' tae heck, so I figured I'd ask how everybody was getting on. SO: How are you lot getting on? Merry being, Archie
  4. The prices of everything are skyrocketing, even food, but hopefully once the whole energy source muckup has been sorted out sustainably we can see the price of life stabilize, at least in terms of transporting stuff. Will we be seeing more smiths making their own steel d'you think? or at least melting scrap (like chunks of leafspring in crucibles ourselves? I
  5. Very cool! I love ultra simple forge designs which work great! How big is it?
  6. Hello. In June I am going to be chaperoning a trip to Penland School of crafts with about 10 kids from 12 to 15 years of age. Apart from craft-ing and climbing mountains and studying Kudzoo, we might need some activities which are just... fun, y'know? One other chaperone's idea was to make and fly kites, which is great, and I'm wondering if you guys might have ideas of things we could do. Thanks eversomuch, Archie
  7. I'm mostly interested in about 1860 to 1880 in Texas and in California. Sorry I wasn't terribly specific. Thanks again, Archie
  8. Hello. I am wondering whether anyone could shed a bit of light for me on bladesmiths and blacksmiths on the Wild Frontier. I see a lot of beautiful hawks'n leather sheaths with beads all over'em, and I'm wondering about the historical aspects of them e.g. welded barrel hawks? What kind of people made them? Who would they have been intended for? Did the American smiths have much interaction with the Native Americans? That sorta thing. Thanks eversomuch, Archie edited for clarity
  9. Archie Zietman


    Hello. I have a box of 20 Mule Team Borax powder. I am wondering, do I need to cook it in my oven for a while before using it to get any water out, or can I just use it as is? Thanks, Archie edited for typos
  10. Yes, a wootz furnace would be fun. I just keep my forge at welding temps, I'm a blacksmith as opposed to a bladesmith, so I just need to get stock as hot as possible before pounding on it. No use in taking the time to just heat something up halfway and getting poor mileage out of the hot metal, get it as hot as you can and know what you will do with it on the anvil. good luck with building forges! Merry being, Archie P.S, I neatened up the edges and sprayed it with black heat-resistant paint, blower pipes and all. It looks very badarse!
  11. Thanks! Any ideas for a flux to put on top? Would just putting charcoal on the top work fine? I want it to suck up dross too though.
  12. Hello. So, basically the science department at my school is gathering scrap everything copper and melting down two copper ingots for looking at eddy currents and magnetism in the physics dept. The head knows I'm a blacksmith and I've been enlisted to help with the planning. So here's the setup Does this seem like a good plan?: The art dept is building molds the right size out of the hottest firing clay we can buy. It's just two ingot shaped molds we'll melt everything into, so we don't have to deal with the crappy casting properties of pure copper. We're using the electric kiln of
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    Hello. My parents are away right now, so I'm house sitting until Sunday morning (they left last Saturday, so they'll be away for the total of a week) I do my own laundry, clean the house, tend to the animals and drive myself to and from school. So, first thing I did was go to the grocery store and get a few days supply of fruits, veggies, meat and cheese (the fish at the local grocery is terrible so I generally avoid it, ironic because we're on the coast) and so far this week I've cooked and eaten: Tsimmus, pan seared steak, coq au vin, cheese and apple tart (with the crust made from scratc
  14. Short hair is good. We have the same facial hair, woohoo!
  15. Boo! (as in scary) Congrats, having a real anvil is a glorious thing. I have a very similar anvil, 50 pounds, Fisher. I didn't bother sanding, just started forging straight away, and that just worked all the rust off, and I have a perfectly workable almost surface. Also, I found some stumps along the side of the road from some treework, just pulled over threm them in my trunk, and used them, stacked one on the other, partially buried in the ground to the right height. Works like a dream. Merry being, Sir Archie the senior of the 17 glorious years.
  16. EDIT: Whoah! I just realized that my post was probably completely incomprehensible. I'll try again: I've found that casting the floor, or at least putting a big thick coat of some coating on it helps a lot, the dribbling oil would eat the koawool. There, much much more comprehensible Merry being, Archie
  17. earthships, google them, they are amazing works of architecture and bioengineering. Doing a report on them for my ecology course. I want to build one when I grow up. I have wanted to for several years.
  18. Yeah, it's easy to get a reducing atmosphere with one of these guys. I do some glassblowingm'self, wonderful stuff. For the glory hole, you might want to think about a propane preheat as opposed to wood so that you can have the lying down cylinder shape to work in. Yeah, glory holes take a lot lot lot of gas. furnaces too. This would be a really good fuel option. Good luck! any questions just ask. may all your gathers be evenly distributed around the blowpipe, and may your puntys never come loose at bad times.
  19. My small Waste Vegetable Oil Forge: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=8832 there's pikkies of it in use on the last page. I bet a big diesel forge could liquefy steel blocks, some foundry types cast iron using diesel or wvo. If it works on diesel, it'll work the same on biodiesel, biodiesel is made to be very similar to diesel.
  20. Hello. I just read the book "Cradle to Cradle" by William McDonough and Michael Braungart which is way cool. It's nice to see people trying to be not controversial about the environment, and working with extremely tangible results. Basically, they are a chemist and an architect who work together with businesses to make ecological factories, but really nice ones, with glass ceilings, efficient heating, coffee bars and stuff. Their whole philosophy is "waste = Food" recycling, and using and circulating materials and using ecosystems to clean their water and using the heat in the buildings whic
  21. Dryers have great blowers in them, I salvaged one, and I've used it for a good long while now, plenty of air. A lot of things work, if it moves air, use it somehow, be inventive.
  22. Well, I've been using it for a few days now, and it hasn't failed me yet. I figured out that wind can screw around with the chamber and make the oil not burn and pool, so I've got to build a wind block I've got a rotatable board of wood to cast a shadow on my anvil so I can see the colors on sunny days, it'll be similar, but bigger to block the wind. Basically, if I make a startup fire with good dry wood in small pieces (thumb sized and flat is the best) then there's nothing stopping it, provided I have very little wind. THE VERDICT: You should all build forges like this it takes the s
  23. OKay, here's pikkies! Not that great because of the light, but here they are anyhow. Uses a gallon or so in 3 hours on full blast. Today I got a pair of candlesticks an s hook and a small drive hook for my sewing scissors done. Coulda been a lot more efficient with a pair of bending forks, (next project). With small pieces (anything up to 1/2 inch square) I can work several pieces at once and never have to wait around for things to heat up. I keep it at full air and half open oil for the most part. Merry being, Archie
  24. I have pikkies, I can't find my gorram camera-usb cable, its' somewhere though.
  25. naked mannequin? what naked manequin? where? I don't see one... going out right now to fire up and take pikkies.
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