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  1. I will def. get pictures, tomorrow I'm serving at a homeless shelter, but on Wednesday I'll run it again, with a camera.
  2. Just used it. Started it with a big wood fire, then turned on the oil feed. I can get yellow heats very quickly, work any size of stock, several different pieces at a time, it's great! The only problem is that its' pretty darn loud, but hopefully I can find a way around the noise.
  3. http://www.iforgeiron.com/blueprints-400-5...nnel-forge.html lookie see! This looks like a pretty good forge design to me.
  4. Thanks guys, I am still just pushing on. I don't know if any of you know the Evanescence song "Going Under" but for the past few weeks I've felt like that, but now that it's the homestretch I am feeling more like Kate Rusby's "Maid of Llanwellyn" with a touch of Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life". I'm glad for the sound advice. Many Thanks.
  5. Hello. I'm almost done with applying to college, everything will be done by next week, but even so I still have the work due for normal school. I am just bored with the work, don't see any point in it, and am fed up, having spent 7 years at the same darned school with the same class of 22 people. I already have senioritis in the first semester, what should I do? Just needed to get that out there. On Christmas break I'll be able to get away from everything, forge ladles, forks, knives and pins in my new oil forge, and also finally have the time to sew my winter coat (we've already had a f
  6. Hello. I just dug up this Roald Dahl version of Little Red Riding Hood, one of my family's favorite poems. It makes me laugh. Here's Roald Dahl's poetic version of the story: As soon as Wolf began to feel That he would like a decent meal, He went and knocked on Grandma's door. When Grandma opened it, she saw The sharp white teeth, the horrid grin, And Wolfie said, "May I come in?" Poor Grandmamma was terrified, "He's going to eat me up!" she cried. And she was absolutely right. He ate her up in one big bite. But Grandmamma was small and tough, And Wolfie wailed, "That's not en
  7. Ey'up! I just put a second coating of Mizzou slip on the forge, cuz even though my college apps are done, I still have to work and home-work this weekend (sigh) so I neatened it up a bit. I also got 5 gallons of "Highest Quality Clear Liquid Vegetable Shortening" from my writing teacher, so now have a stockpile of about 7-8 gallons to be burned. I am very optimistic about it. Merry being, Archie
  8. I got a reducing flame with my prototype. Having the fuel tank on a string to pull up and down for more gravity-pressureyness would help with the fuel flow issue, as would warm well filtered oil. The variable hight and therefore fuel flow rate would even out some issues (it's what I'm doing) We have all the week before I can get to firing her up, so no use being impatient. (This week is going to be very very long....)
  9. Hopefully it'll go okay. The insulation is Koawool with a layer of Castable, I might just thicken that layer after your suggestions. The raw btus from veggie oil are insane, I agree.
  10. I'll fire it up next weekend, with any luck.
  11. Pikkies!!!!! It is by no means pretty, but it'll get the job done. It just needs a choke on the blower. Somehow everybody has nice clean lookin' forges...dunno how they do it!
  12. Hello. A while back i was discussing the oil forge plan on a thread, and it's done. Everything is put together, I just need to let the castable lid and floor dry, then I'm good to go. I'll take some pictures now, (if I can find a camera) Merry Being, Archie
  13. WOOHOO! I have the fuel injection working great, and 25 pounds of mizzou along with a lineal foot (2 square feet) of koawool (I got a little one time tinkering job, which allowed me to buy the koawool) sitting in boxes next to my computer. Not this weekend, but the next one I will put the body together, and once it's all dry, fire up! I'll take lots of pictures of construction, so you can see how it's made. (vertical tube 1 inch koawool covered in thin mizzou on walls with cast floor and cover) It's coming along, sorry it's so intermittent and slow. Merry Being, Archie
  14. okay, everything epoxied together, all secure, pikkies after school tomorrow. Just waiting for the Mizzou. Instead of koawool, I am thinking of just doing a thick layer of mizzou over a thick mix of dry vermiculite and just enough already mixed cement to make it stick solidly together (like a Rice Krispy) It should make it more efficient than just mizzou backed by nothing. I don't have any more money that I can spend towards this proj. right now, so making use of what I have. Fuel is free, I don't need to be amazingly efficient I'll put it all together tomorrow. (Friday) merry Being, Arc
  15. Update: So, I've got the "burner" (It's really more of an air and oil input into the preheated chamber) rigged up, just need to epoxy it to prevent leaks (the only thing which stopped me last time). Friday afternoon is Home Depot, and then put it together. Then hopefully I'll be set to just cast refractory and let it dry. It's just finding time between Homework, College Apps, SAT math prep, and Teaching French and Art that's making it "Haa'd" as we would say in Boston (aftah havin' pa'aked de cah nea' Haa'va'd Yaa'd) Merry Being, Thanks, Aa'chie
  16. Thanks a bunch Glenn et al, I've got 25 pounds of Mizzou coming in the mail now. Once I see how much it actually is, I'll either pick up some Durablanket (cheaper than other fiber blankets it seems) or I'll just use what I have, to make my forge. I have all the burner parts together, I just need some epoxy to plug the holes. I'm in the middle of college apps and suchlike, so I can only work on it in 15 minute bursts. I am aiming to have it done by early December, so I can enjoy it over winter break. Merry Being, Archie
  17. Okay, so, here's an update: I have all the bits'n pieces for the fuel/air setup: Hosepipe, 1 gallon plastic jug for oil, big brass ball valve, small 1/4 to 1/8 inch needle valve for fine tuning, blower, and 1/12 inch and 1 inch diameter pipe with the appropriate couplings. Will put it all together maybe next week. I am getting 25 pounds of mizzou castable refractory, and once I see how much that is, I can figure out the direction the forge's body will go. so there you have it! Merry Being, Archie
  18. Hello. I have trouble getting to sleep at night because I think too much. Not bad things, I just think too much, like tonight I am going over songs I like in my head. It doesn't bother me too much except that I know that in theory it would be a good thing to sleep. Any remedies? Thanks, Merry being, Archie
  19. Hello. For my wvo forge, I am going to need insulation. I am thinking of using a thick layer of Mizzou 3000 degree castable cement. What are people's experiences with castable refractories? I have heard that they take a while to heat up, I don't really want to mess about with ceramic blankets though. Thanks, Merry being, Archie
  20. questionquestionquestionquestion! I am wondering how to go about refractory materials. I am thinking of going with a chepaer castable refractory with about a querter inch or more layer of satanite over the whole inside. If I get, say, a 2400 degree refractory and apply a coat of satanite atop it, will the forge stand up to welding heats?
  21. The one I made a while back was a bit slow to start up, chamber was about the size of a coffee mug, with crappy homemade insulation and used maybe a cup and a half in 45 minutes, and got steel up to yellow heat fine. This time I'm going to buy satanite and koawool for insulation, so it'll be much more efficient Biodiesel has about 120,000 btus to the liquid gallon ( got the statistics of the internet) which is aparently more than propane, veggie oil will be a bit less than biodiesel. There are backyard foundry guys who get their furnaces up to white heat with the stuff backyardmetalcasting
  22. Hello. What I thought would be my "final forge", it turns out, will not be. I am totally sick of dealing with burning wood in my forge, as it is either great or absolutely horrible depending on the day, so I am going to build a Waste vegetable oil forge. I built a small one two summers ago and dismantled it because of leaking oil fixtures though it worked great. I'll be documenting it's making in this thread. Here's the design, I'll be recycling parts of my wood forge in it's making. Here's the design, it'll be a week or two before I have time to make it. Merry Being, Archie
  23. That is truly a beautiful piece of work. The photographs is beautiful as well, which says even more for the blade.
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