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  1. Hello folks! I just finished profiling a dagger, and the shape fits my design-drawing perfectly, so I figgered I'd just grind the bevels in, and not risk changing the shape. I'm not a stock removal guy, so I'm wondering how to go about this? Thanks, Archie
  2. L'Shana Tova everyone! Happy Jewish new year! Have a piece of honey cake and a prayer on me (5760someodd is the year) Merry Being, Archie
  3. Hello. earlier today in a junk shop I bought a fully functional belt wander with a disk sander on it's side, for 25 dollars, I am very pleased and can actually finish knives efficiently now! (But before then I have a few blacksmithing commissions to fill good fun! Merry Being, Archie
  4. When every tool in your shop has a celtic or hippy name, and you use their names when talking about or too them.
  5. Buxom massage therapists, totally agree!!! (Y'know, I have a friend who is training to be a massage therapist, and I'm one of her practice dummies
  6. That is a wonderful score!!!! For the post anvil, stick it vertically in concrete for more mass, it'll deaden the ring too. I did that with a 10 lb sledgehammer, and it moves mass just as easily, if not easier than my 50 lb fisher
  7. It worked pretty well, just let it dry in the back of the forge before raking it over the top. Also, keeping the air down really really really helps with flying hot things. My blower is salvaged from an old dryer, and it's pretty powerful, I only use about 15% of the air it supplies, I have a constant whisper of air, and it's enough to make a smokeless fire with wood on top, and heats my metal a lot fast with far less scale and I use a ton less fuel.
  8. So they hold an edge well? I'm making a dagger and kitchen knife from one right now. (I know, not stainless, but that's what the guy wants, not stainless) I'll make two of each blade and do a water quench, and an oil quench to compare. What temp was the water you quenched in?
  9. Raymond, thanks for the advice, I annealed it after forging the first time. I'll work some more on it today.
  10. I'd say just get some normal cement or if you have any refractory cement left use that, and glue the broken chunks back on the forge, and fill in any holes. My forge has thick walls, but it's just normal cheap concrete with pebbles in it and insulates really rather well. It was probably moisture that made the forge go THUMP! Just let it dry when glues back together and you'll do fine. Good luck, Merry Being, Archie
  11. Tom, here are some pictures of e clips in place on the rail. I and my teacher found them discarded around the tracks, having been replaced. Fishplates, the huge thick steel plates underneath are fun too, I'm not sure how they'd be useful, but I have two lying around waiting for a use happy hunting, Merry Being, Archie P.S. the photo is one I found randomly on the internet. edited for typos etc.
  12. Right now, I'm just forging them at white heats, and will HT them in oil and see if that works. It's really hard to forge (at least whatever particular blend I am hitting now is), so I'm guessing that there's a lot of alloying stuff in it, so a water quench seems a bit risky. should hold an edge at least.
  13. I'm talking about the thick round stock which is tied in a knot at the base of the rail. I thought the wood bits were sleepers.
  14. Hello. Just started on a dagger and a kitchen knife forged out of railroad ties. My blacksmithing teacher Burt gave the ties to me already straightened, and told me, "You have to get them really hot to move them, lots of work to forge. Good Luck!" I took his advice, started forging at a white heat, and when I got to medium orange, it felt like it was cold. It just didn't move. So I spent the day forging at white heats and returning to the fire at orange heats. Burt was right, you have to get it HOT HOT HOT! If it's not yellow at least, its'a no move! It's hard to forge it, what kind of steel
  15. Hello. I was just marveling at the amount of forge fleas I get in my forge, (have been away for the summer, and they seem more numerous than I remember) and I wonder whether wetting charcoal before putting it on the fire would help at all. My thinking goes like this: Fleas come from gases in the hot charcoal popping and sending red hot fleas everywhere. Well, what if you wetted the charcoal and let it dry around the fire before turning it in? This would mean that when the tiny bubbles were popped (by expanding steam this time) the charcoal would not be hot yet. I'll try it tomorrow, see if it
  16. something which might help, is to take a shallow wide tin can, and put a wooden handle on the top, and stuff a few damp paper towels in it, once you have finished pouring the metal, put the can on top of the sprue, the residual heat will make the wet paper towels steam and the pressure will push the metal into the mold more forcefully than gravity and hopefully the gas out. picture here: (edited for typos and clarity)
  17. My favorite is my 3 inch blade, snake wood Thiers folder. It's really a nice knife for picnics and stuff. (edited for typos)
  18. they do look really good, charcoal is a great fuel. What is a treadle forge?
  19. if you take a sledge hammer (the heavier the better) and then you sink it vertically into a bucket of concrete, so that one of the faces is pointing up to be used as a pounding surface, that works really well. cheap too.
  20. I've got most of the symptoms, except the loud voice. I thought I had bladesmith's disease, but when the doctor checked my productivity levels, he said it was the more common blacksmith's strain.
  21. There was a demonstration at my school of piano mechanics, and the demonstrators gave a bag of piano hammers to the art department, and my teacher gave me a few. Don't worry, I don't smash pianos .
  22. start your fire with newspaper, wood kindling and/or charcoal which is smokeless, and you have flames enough to burn the smoke right from the start.
  23. yay for ukranian jews, and awesome boots! Happy Pesah!
  24. edit: sorry, I found the edit button in the end...sorry. __Archie
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