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  1. Hello. I got bored in class on friday, and started drawing on myself, here is the result. There's more on my chest, but I dunno if it's okay to post my front with no shirt on (you can never be too careful) Merry Being Archie
  2. Hello. I'm gonna be bellows pumper at a small reinactment village in the smithy, and there are tons of rusty old tools, punches, tongs etc. which are just lying in rusty piles, and I have started rescuing things, I started with these tongs, and I'm wondeirng, the one on the far right with the arrow pointing to it, what would these be used for? Thanks, Archie
  3. wow, I really like that! I love the ring pommel, and just the general small utility feel of it. Very nice clean lines!
  4. It's a father-son tradition, chez moi, we decided to try brewing two years ago, as part of a science project and haven't stopped. we currently have a few gallons brewing. Try godmead.com for recipes and stuff.
  5. Hello. I just had a bad day, so I fired up the forge for the first time in a long while, and forged me a long thin integral bolster from a cold chisel. It's annealing now. The only problem with it is that the shoulder from the bolster part is more of a slop than anything, how do I get it to be a shoulder? Thanks, Archie
  6. Hello. Do any of you farm/raise some of your own food? I'm wondering because my family has decided to start growing more of our own food. We've got potatoes growing in our windowsills, and beans in a broken old bathtub, and we're going to raise more chickens so that we can eat them as well as their eggs, and know that they were treated well. Do any of you garden or raise your own food? What do you grow? Thanks, Archie
  7. If you had the blower lower than the level of the forge, I'm guessing that you wouldn't get thing exploding so much, the gasses would be hot and go upwards. my my, you have been productive haven't you Bob? looks great!
  8. All the work lately has been ridiculously inspiring, trouble is that my forge is outside, and it's 20 degrees farenhiet right now. I've got some fun...ice scultures..and...stuff... no metal though...grrrr....
  9. Hello. I just went out to lock my chickens up for the night, and I noticed that underneath their roost, there is a massive pile of chicken poo which has frozen. Their run is also full of frozen chicken manure in little pellets the size of my fingernail, so I am harvesting the lot later this week as forge fuel. Dung is a great coal like fuel, so if you have a solid fuel forge, and raise livestock or birds, it's a good source of burning stuff. Just thought you ought to know, free fuel being a good thing Merry being, stay warm, Archie
  10. DJ I just finished modifying the table so that it is more like your forge, except I used angle iron, and suspended a tire rim from it, which has the firepot in it, and an area to coke fuel in, and keeps the fire far away from any wood. I'm going to just put a few boards around to put fire tools and such on. More on it tomorrow.
  11. Hello. I just made a new forge body. It is a clunky but solid table made from 2 by fours, with a firepot poking through, like a coal forge. Since I don't have any 1/4 inch steel plate, nor do I have a cutting torch, nor do I have time or money to get or rent either, I am using a half inch thick sheet of wood, with a piece of 16 guage mild steel over it to stop it really burning outright. Will this work do you think, at least temporarily without slowly charrinng and dying overnight?
  12. Now you get a taste of new england. Reminds me of when my dad was working in Nigeria at a hospital, and people would come in in 70 degree weather with blankets, then he would take them to the fridge and tell them it got that cold in winter, and the freezer and tell them that that was an alright day in January, and they would think he was telling a joke. Global warming makes me sad, you are getting all of the snow we masachussettsians get by right! I want my snowball fights, give them back! It's funny, two years ago we had three consecutive blizzards, and five feet of tightly packed sno
  13. Since I live in Eastern Mass, I just don't bring it up very much, except for art or flirting purposes.
  14. what is the stick which is protruding from the hood over the middle of the firepot? The chimney and the forge look great! must have some working pics!
  15. I got 50 bucks and 3 yards of scrapped cotton canvas.
  16. Mine is to be even more careful than usual around anything which is or was in the past a fire risk.
  17. Hello. Today, before going to school, I cleaned out the fireplace, and placed the cold ashes in the brass bucket like I always do, and put it downstairs in the basement. Needless to say, during the day it spontaneously combusted, along with the last few weeks worth of ashes, and the fire brigade had to be called. Luckily nothing happened, but I'm definitely buying an airtight steel bin to put them in far away from the house. What is even more incredible than the house not burning down, is that my parents are not angry, just frightened, and aren't punishing me (I already spent the entire
  18. Just sewed myself a nice apron, full length, three layers of white canvas, hand sewn using heavy black yarn instead of thread, fits perfectly.
  19. I really like the hammer, the axes are great too.
  20. Hello. Do you use an apron? If so, what kind (i.e. cotton, full length, split leg or something)? Thanks, Archie
  21. Aquaplas, it's a paint used on the insides of firetrucks which, apparently really helps with sound dampening. I need to get ahold of some for my noisy old blower! There are probably other products like it, Aquaplas was the one mentioned in my armouring book though. Hope it helps! Looks great! Edit: I googled "Aquaplas sound dampening" and here's a thread one some forum somewhere on the web about soundproofing things with sprays etc. http://www.audioheritage.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=6387
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